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So, I was watching a makeup tutorial (because my girlfriend insisted), and I saw the makeup artist in the video using a certain makeup tool. Obviously, I did not know what it was, and she suggested that we could buy it online or from a “retail” shop.

I set my curiosity about the product aside and started to learn what retail marketing is. This was a long, long time ago when I was still new to the marketing sector. The funny thing is, I still don’t know what that product was, but I can tell you a thing or two about this type of marketing.

In this article, I have talked about what retail shop marketing is and why it is important. If you have stumbled upon the phrase (not necessarily by watching a makeup tutorial) and you want to learn about retail marketing, then this article might be helpful.

What Is Retail Marketing?

How many times have you passed across a retail shop and wondered, “wow, the products look so pretty inside the store?” If you ever thought that, then a fraction of that shop’s retail marketing strategy was working.

According to Shopify.com,

A retail marketing strategy is any method that helps spread awareness and increase sales and profitability for your products or company. It goes well beyond advertising in the local newspaper. The layout of your store, your social media presence, and employees are all part of your retail marketing plan.

Retail marketing is the way that retail shops use to attract customers and make their purchases from the shop. Retail marketing strategy is based on four main factors (also the four Ps) –

  • Product 
  • Price 
  • Place 
  • Promotion 

Probably the end line of the brand’s marketing is done by retail shops that store and align all the products in a way to attract the customers. Their ways of displaying the four factors mentioned here are elemental to retail product marketing.

Importance Of Retail Marketing

With the help of retail marketing, you will be able to sell your retail products to your target audience better. This type of marketing strategy helps customers overcome their doubts about your products. As a result, their buyer’s remorse lessens. As per data sources, 77% of shoppers feel that retail marketing helps reduce buyer remorse. Here are some of the major reasons why retail marketing is important:

  1. It helps you increase your customers’ loyalty. If you have repeat customers, you will be able to increase your profits a lot. Some of the major retail marketing strategies that help in this regard include customer feedback requests, email marketing, SMS, loyalty programs, etc.
  2. Retail marketing also helps you to increase your revenue. The major goal of retail marketing is to get new customers to your business. However, it is not enough just to bring in new customers. Here, retail marketing helps in retaining existing customers.
  3. Retail marketing enables you to present your brand consistently. Hence, you will be able to increase your revenue by one-third. If you have a quality retail marketing strategy, you will be able to strengthen your brand and make your products easily recognizable in the market.

The Six Ps Of Retail Marketing: Retail Marketing Mix

The six Ps (6 Ps) of retail marketing include the following:

1. Product

This is the item that is most needed by your target customers. These include your core products, line extensions, and related products of your business.

2. Price

The price is the most important aspect of your business. This is the major reason why you sell your products.

3. Place

The place is the location where your customers can buy your products. However, it is also important to have an online presence.

4. Promotion

The promotion aspect shows you the way you need to approach your customers. All retailers with a marketing strategy need a promotional plan to make their customers aware of their products and services.

5. People

People include the floor staff of your business or the people with whom your customers react when they walk into your retail store.

6. Presentation

It shows the way the outside world looks at your products. It includes your packaging, advertisement, communication, etc.

Types Of Retail Marketing

There are two different types of retail marketing most retail store users have in place.

  1. Store-based retail marketing. 
  2. Non-store-based retail marketing. 

1. Store-Based Retail Marketing

Store-based retail shop marketing works, and there are massive promotional opportunities that you should take advantage of. You don’t need a lot of effort. But if done right, store-based marketing can return a handsome profit and repeated visits from your customers.

Store-Based Retail Marketing
  • Events: You can hold different events at the stores based on the types of audience and branding image your brand has.
  • In-store Displays: in-store displays is another retail-based marketing strategy that works. You can make a centerpiece of a particular product. You can also have a digital store display of the product that you want to market. Other different types of display boards ( like customer testimonials from social media) might also work.
  • Sample Products: Sample products are also effective for store-based retail marketing campaigns. Especially cosmetic products sell well if there are samples available in the stores. Once the consumers get to test the products, they feel more comfortable buying them.
  • Interactive Boards: through interactive boards, the buyers can learn about the different product lines and their prices. Discounts and offers can also be displayed on these boards.

2. Non-Store-Based Retail Marketing

Can you promote your retail products outside of the retail stores? Yes, you can. Their several marketing vehicles allow marketers to convert more leads. Some traditional choices include catalogs, posters, referrals, and direct cold emails.

Non-Store-Based Retail Marketing

More modern methods like digital marketing and social media marketing are currently more effective.

Here is some non-store-based marketing that you need to know:

  • Direct mail: Even physical stores can send customers through direct mail. Although you might resort to sending physical catalogs to your leads, it seems like a century-old tactic. Instead, it would help if you sent direct mail to your local customers.
  • TV Ads: Yes, this sounds expensive. But local stores can band with local TV channels to send out words about products for sale. Unlike emails and catalogs, TV ads have more opportunities when it comes to making entertaining ads. This type of marketing also sends many customers to your stores.
  • Word Of Mouth: Especially in small towns, word-of-mouth marketing is the most valuable medium when it comes to generating leads. Your consumers trust you when they hear good things about the store from their friends and family. Retail stores offering appreciable customer service gain more customers from word-of-mouth marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions!! (FAQs)

Here are some of the most popularly asked questions related to retail marketing. Reading them might help you solve a few confusions. 

Q1. What Is a Retail Marketing Example?

Ans. Retailers make the products available for the buyer through different channels. For instance, brick-and-mortar and retail stores, shopping websites, shopping malls, and automatic vending machines are some examples.

Q2. What Is The Role Of Retail Marketing?

Ans. The role of retail shop marketing is to differentiate retail stores from the competition. Retail marketers have to set up promoting products in a sustainable way to increase sales and generate more revenue. This article consists of a different approach for converting customers to retail shops. 

Q3. What Are The Characteristics Of Retail Marketing?

Ans. Here are some valuable characteristics of retail shop marketing –
1. It offers direct interaction between the seller and the buyers.
2. Through retail marketing, customers gain better customer service.
3. Point of sales promotion.
4. Different forms
5. The retail-marketing sector is a big provider of massive employment.
6. There are different forms of retail marketing.

Q4. How Do You Do Retail Marketing?

Ans. Here are some valuable tips on how to do retail marketing–
1. Create an impressive-looking storefront.
2. Motive your employees by giving them good wages and compensation packages.
3. You need a better understanding of the market.
4. Engage your customers through good communication.
5. Use social media and digital channels.
6. Use great remarketing strategies.

Q5. How To Attract Customers to Retail Shops?

Ans. Here are different ways of attracting customers to your retail shops-
1. Optimize your local listing.
2. You can ask your customers for reviews.
3. Use social media.
4. Digital advertising works.
5. Host virtual events.

Final Words

No, I did not write about how to do retail marketing. This article was more about an in-general idea of what retail product and service marketing is. You will find an easy explanation regarding this type of marketing and subsections of retail shop marketing. Reading them should give a primary idea about how retail marketing works.

I hope that all the information available in this article was helpful. However, if you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment box.

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