8 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

Think about the last time you spent money on buying something online? Probably two days ago. Ecommerce has been increasing dramatically over the years.

These days, primarily, individuals choose shopping online, whether it’s about buying clothes or doing groceries.

As a result, many shoppers have left the brick-and-mortar shops and switched to shopping from the comfort of their homes. Undoubtedly, eCommerce is a fantastic opportunity. However, the market’s total size creates a lot of competition and chances to make mistakes.

Hence, you need to work smarter and harder if you’re stepping or already have been into the eCommerce world. You need to make your website flawless to ensure your eCommerce business thrives.

Ensure you don’t overlook any part of the customer journey. Every element of your eCommerce website should be perfect, from your arrival page to the checkout.

Take a look at these simple and valuable ways to improve your eCommerce website and drive more traffic.


  • Add visual search
  • Offer various payment methods
  • Plan out multiple marketing strategies
  • Add well-selected imagery
  • Write effective product descriptions
  • Ask for customer feedback
  • Design a simplistic layout
  • Add Live Chat or Chatbots for Real-Time Engagement

Imagine this: your customers are looking for a pair of shoes over the internet. These shoes don’t have a logo or brand name, and finding them in the eCommerce businesses might take various search queries, which wastes time.

This is where the visual search for eCommerce businesses can help. With a picture, the potential customer can look for all options and offers available much quicker. So, adding visual search to your website can improve customer experience.

2. Offer various payment methods

As you know, every generation has a different preference for payment methods. Some might prefer using a card, whereas others might be more comfortable with cash on delivery.

Hence, adding an alternative payment method indicates that you are catering to all types of shoppers, which helps you attract more customers.

In addition, about 15% of customers say they abandoned their shopping carts because they didn’t trust the site’s card details. Ensuring a recognizable payment method makes your customers feel cared for, thereby building customer loyalty.

Besides that, adding various payment methods makes the checkout process easier for your customers. A purchase without trouble and security issues can improve customer experience, encourage first-time customers to become your regulars, and boost sales. Hence, consider adding various payment methods such as:

1. PayPal
2. Amazon Pay
3. Direct debit payments
4. Cash on delivery

3. Plan out multiple marketing strategies

Depending on one marketing strategy, such as paid ads, might put you behind your competitors. There might be chances that using a single strategy might not work, or you might lose a large number of potential customers and conversions.

Hence, consider using multiple marketing strategies like SEO. Using SEO allows you to rank your website higher in Google results, thereby helping you drive more traffic to your website. Besides that, you can take the help of social media platforms to promote your eCommerce business.

4. Add well-selected imagery

You must have heard the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Fantastic imagery of the product or service you are offering is vital. It not only helps in making your website look more professional but allows you to boost conversion rates.

As a result, ensure your website consists of high-quality product images, covering all tiny detail and angles. This gives your customers confidence in your product’s quality and what they can expect once they get it.

Moreover, your site only has a few seconds to make the first impression. So, it might be the images that first capture potential customers’ attention, making them a key element as to whether they will continue shopping or leave.

Ecommerce has been increasing dramatically over the years.

5. Write effective product descriptions

Do you know product descriptions are a crucial tool in the world of eCommerce? You’re likely to miss out on clicks and purchases if you do not add compelling product descriptions.

Ensure you concentrate on your potential customers and target them with descriptions or words that relate to them, their challenges, and their goals. This gives your target audience the feeling that you realize their needs, wants, and who they are, making them feel more confident and cared for.

While writing an effective product description, highlight those benefits that tell your target audience how the product can improve their lives. In addition, use a natural tone, one you could use in a real conversation to help your potential customers connect to your business.

Besides that, another factor to consider is to keep your descriptions short. Even if you have a large amount of information, consider hiding it behind the ‘read more button. You can cut it down into simple-to-digest bullet points or add an infographic.

6. Ask for customer feedback

As a business owner, you might think you know what your customers want, but you need to accept that you don’t know everything about them or their experience with your website and products. There’s only one effective way to confirm your assumptions about your target audience – get customer feedback.

Consider asking questions such as:

1. Which characteristics influence you to make online purchases?
2. Where and how did you hear about the brand/product/website?
3. Why would or wouldn't you use a store or customer portal?

Asking for customer feedback allows you to get an insight into your customer’s mindset, giving you a chance to improve your website. Not just that, it helps you understand customer complaints, allowing you to improve customer experience and empower positive changes.

7. Design a simplistic layout

Creating a simple-to-follow and consistent journey from homepage to checkout is vital to lowering your bounce rate, boosting conversions, and improving your website.

Websites with a clean look, more white space, high-quality images, and less text are likely to have higher user engagement rates than other sites. Even though it might seem overwhelming to think about redesigning your website to be simpler, it’s actually relatively easy if you follow some rules:

1.Which characteristics influence you to make online purchases?
2.Remove product imagery with leer design elements and distractions on product pages
3. Direct your audience to your CTA buttons and ensure they stand out
4. Assess your website on different devices to ensure checkout and navigation processes    are streamlined no matter how many customers are visiting your website
5. Stay away from building any distractions. Remember, less is more.

8. Add Live Chat or Chatbots for Real-Time Engagement

Remember, online shoppers, expect websites to give around-the-clock services. So it has become vital to turn to customer support through chatbots or live chat. Introducing live chat on your site shows your customers that you are there whenever they need help, helping you build great customer relationships.

Alongside, take the help of chatbots, AI software that simulates real live agents. With chatbots, your customers can interact with your website through text or voice using automated responses, providing your customers a personalized experience.

9.  Add A Punchout Catalog

A punchout catalog simplifies the buying process by integrating the supplier’s catalog with the buyer’s e-procurement system. It allows buyers to access the catalog directly from their system, maintaining a consistent look and feel. The catalog provides up-to-date product information and offers robust search and navigation features, making it easy for buyers to find desired items. Personalization options enhance the experience. Buyers can transfer selected items to their shopping cart, streamlining the ordering process. Order tracking and history features keep buyers informed. Overall, a punchout catalog ensures a smooth and consistent journey from the homepage to checkout, improving efficiency and user satisfaction.

Final thoughts

With these easy and simple ways, you can improve your eCommerce website and ensure you thrive in the business world. Making your website easy to use and adding multiple payment options can help you attract more customers. Good luck!





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