Five Penny-Pinching Hacks to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Human Resources BY David Feb 02, 2021
Decorate Your Home for Christmas

It is believed the Christmas tree tradition originated in Germany when Christians brought the first Christmas trees that they decorated their homes with. Meanwhile, the trio of Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson, and Albert Sadacca was credited as the inventors of the first Christmas lights (although they didn’t do so at once). However, it would take some 40 years before the Christmas lights tradition that we know today came to be.

Now, if you’re a firm believer in these traditions and you’re currently decorating your home but have a limited budget or don’t want to spend too much, there are cheap ways to do so. With these inexpensive decors, your home will surely evoke that warm, yet joyous atmosphere that the Christmas season is associated with.

Here Are Five Penny-Pinching Hacks to Decorate Your Home This Coming Christmas

DIY Snowman:

DIY snowman

Do you still have those pumpkin pails your kids used for Trick or Treat last month? If so, then you could repurpose them to craft a DIY snowman that you can put outdoors to welcome friends and neighbors who’ll come over for Christmas dinner. A pumpkin pail typically costs just $1 (you only need three of them). Just throw in a hat, two twigs (for the arms), a scarf, three large buttons, and some non-toxic paint and you’re good to go to create a DIY snowman.

Giant Christmas Candies:

Giant Christmas candies:

Delight the kids and kids-at-heart by making some giant Christmas candies out of paper plates, wooden dowels, plastic wraps, and a roll of colorful tulle ribbon. These Christmas home decors would only set you back less than $50 but the wow and fun factors they’ll offer would be priceless, for sure. You can place them outdoors and put some indoors in your hallway or right beside the Christmas tree with the presents.

Chalkboard Christmas Tree:

Chalkboard Christmas tree

Who says you have to spend $100 for an eye-popping Christmas tree inside your home? Ditch that wrong notion and get yourself some colored chalk and a small chalkboard. With some creativity and flexing of your drawing talent (or anyone in the family), you can simply draw a colorful Christmas tree on a chalkboard and then hang it on your wall or place it in a DIY stand or easel. You can place some faux gifts or real ones to make the setup more interesting.

Wine cork Christmas Tree:

Wine cork Christmas tree:

While we’re at the idea of inexpensive Christmas trees, why not explore another option, right? Well, how about one that is made completely out of discarded wine corks? This really cheap Christmas tree hack would only cost you around $10-$20 (or even cheaper!) If you have lots of wine corks from all those champagnes you’ve guzzled over the years, you’ll only need a glue gun, some glue sticks, and you’re good to go. It won’t hurt if you put some ribbons, a star, and Christmas balls to make the thing livelier and more colorful.

DIY Foliage Wreath/Decorative Branch:

decorative branch

If you have trees in your yard, then you would hardly append anything just to decorate your home for Christmas. You can simply pick a dead branch (or cut one) and decorate it to have a decorative branch that you can hang atop your dining table. Also, you can get some foliage from your landscape and fashion a wreath from it. With a few ribbons and Christmas balls, you can have an eye-catching foliage wreath that will make your family and guests feel close to nature.

It’s easy to see how easy it is to decorate your home for Christmas on a tight budget. Just heed these penny-pinching decoration hacks and you’ll have a festive home without busting your budget.

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