Ideas for the New Year: What to Do and Where to Go the Last of the Year

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Ideas for the New Year

Are you looking for ideas for New Year and are you afraid of not finding a destination you like where to go last year? Do not worry, there are many who like you are wondering what to do on New Year’s Eve and do not have a project in mind well-defined.

There are many ideas for New Year’s Eve to be exploited to live a fun last year, in the company of your partner or friends forever. If you love tradition, then dinner, panettone, and veglione in a restaurant, in a room, renting a villa or a party room, in the guide that follows you will find all the tips to choose the solution that best suits you.

If you have two minutes of your free time to devote, we will show you the best ideas for the New Year, so as to offer you the many possibilities to organize and celebrate the best of the last year. We try to give you all the tools necessary to evaluate what is the ideal location to spend New Year’s Eve this year. If you’re ready, we can start right away!


The New Year’s Eve dinner remains one of the symbols par excellence of the festivities on the night of December 31st. There are millions of Italians who choose to book a restaurant for New Year’s Eve instead of having dinner in their home. If you have chosen to eat outside the home for the last year, remember not to wait until the last weeks for a table reservation. The real risk is in fact of not finding a free place anymore.

For an unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner, carefully evaluate the local offer by making specific requests to the owners or managers.

If you have finished the dinner, you would like to move with your partner to see the traditional fireworks display or the beginning of a famous artist’s concert, before booking also check the position of the restaurant, so you can reach the desired place in minutes and without the aid of the car.

On the contrary, if you intend to stay inside the restaurant, you can also choose a restaurant that is located outside the city, in an exclusive place, so as to fully enjoy the intimacy with your partner or with your friends.


Ideas for New Year’s at home? Over the past few years, the company has evolved constantly, offering multiple new opportunities. For example, you can rely on a chef at home, who will have the task of preparing an original New Year’s menu to your home with which to impress your guests.

Another good alternative, if it is not part of your plans to personally prepare dinner for the party on December 31st, is to book a catering service.

Both the home chef and the catering are two excellent solutions, often quite cheap, in anticipation of the New Year’s Eve dinner at home with friends, especially if the number of the latter is important. Having to cook for the family is different than doing it for 10, 15 or 20 between relatives and friends. In addition to being a considerable expense, the New Year’s Eve dinner for a large number of guests can turn into a huge effort. Much better, then, if you can delegate the task to professionals in the field and enjoy the party without worries.


If the guests at the last year’s dinner are so many that their presence in your home is impossible, you can consider renting a villa for New Year’s Eve. The same is true if you are a rather large group of people who want to find a beautiful location where they can celebrate and maybe divide the expenses of the dinner and the villa.

During the search for a villa, carefully evaluate the conditions of the lease, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises once the celebrations for the night of 31 December have ended. When you send a request for a quote or in any case when you have the first contact, also by telephone with the owner or manager of the villa ask:

  • what is allowed and what is not allowed to make the party last,
  • if you can freely use all indoor and outdoor spaces or if you can only use a room
  • And do not forget to ask what the price includes and what is instead considered as an extra service.

In this way, you will have clear from the beginning what kind of party is allowed in the location of your choice and you will avoid unpleasant situations resulting from initial misunderstandings. You do not have to worry: the owners of villas for parties are accustomed to this kind of questions and almost always give all the necessary information clearly from the beginning and it is their habit to meet the needs and needs of its customers. However remember: asking does not cost anything and is really worth to go on the safe side.

If you need to rent a villa for a large number of guests, you will probably also need help asking for dinner. If the location does not have an internal catering service, we recommend two quality solutions that will not make you spend a fortune:

  • home chef
  • or catering

Both are professional figures that will take you away from the embarrassment and stress of cooking for 10-20 or more people, with the guarantee of meeting the expectations of even the most demanding guests.


Do not you love the city or other crowded locations? Probably, the New Year on the farm is a good solution for you. Year after year, more and more Italians are looking for a real alternative to the traditional dinners at the restaurant and the concertone in the square. The scenery of the farm can offer you many advantages, above all the tranquility.

The New Year in the countryside, in fact, can give an atmosphere still authentic, away from the city’s spotlight and more suitable for a couple looking for intimacy or a group of friends who want to spend the last year together.

Another advantage of the New Year on the farm is almost always the quality of the products that go to make up the menu offer, an essential factor for those who love a level of cuisine throughout the year.

The farm, in addition, unlike the restaurant guarantees the possibility of staying overnight even for one or more nights. If, for example, you plan to combine New Year and January 1, you can choose to extend your stay on the farm for the first day of the New Year. In this way, you will not have to go back to the routine of the old year but you can still enjoy the serenity transmitted by the countryside and the surrounding nature.


For thousands of Italians, New Year is synonymous with unbridled fun until dawn. If you also fall into this large category, you can choose to rent a party room. Having a room all of your own can offer you many opportunities that a normal house and any other location cannot give you. In fact, in addition to renting the room, you can think big by contacting a well-known DJ in the area or a live band, so as to turn the party of the last year with your friends in an unforgettable evening.

Also if you really do not want to opt for a dinner at the table, at least one buffet is always very welcome by guests, perhaps opting for the finger-food formula with a bar, absolutely essential. Again, a good-value catering service is right for you.

Once you have found the room for rent, catering, a bar and the right music you just have to indulge in toasts and dancing after midnight until the first light of dawn. Do you know another best way to celebrate the start of the New Year with your friends?


If it is true that the New Year is everyone’s party, it is equally true that at any moment it can be transformed into your personal party. How? By organizing the entertainment for your guests in every detail, so as to leave each of them a pleasant memory of you.

There are many ideas to entertain guests on New Year’s Eve, some of which are at no cost and that surely your guests will appreciate.

If you have rented a villa or a room to spend the last year with friends and relatives, you can accompany the evening with music. In this way, you will distance the risk that your guests may get bored before and after the stroke of midnight. Furthermore, the music can give you the inspiration of one of the most classic forms of entertainment that still stand today: karaoke. It does not matter if everyone is almost out of tune, in fact, sometimes it is precisely the imperfections, the mistakes that make a party more fun and above all authentic.

Another good alternative to music and karaoke for the entertainment of New Year’s guests is the cabaret. Together with one or more friends, among the funniest you have, you can improvise funny and original gags, which the guests of the party will surely appreciate. If you do not know anyone who does entertainment you can search among the many professionals of Surely you will find what is right for you.


Among the young and very young, the New Year at the disco is the ideal solution. High music until dawn, endless possibilities for meetings and flirts of all kinds. If during the year the best nightclubs offer evenings, you can imagine what the level reached on the occasion of New Year’s Eve could be. Choose carefully the room that offers the best formula, remembering that the coupled dinner – disco has always been the perfect combination for young people and young girls.


The New Year on the snow represents the dream of thousands of Italians, even if often this solution is not synonymous with low-cost New Year’s Eve. For the festival of San Silvestre, Italy offers numerous opportunities. Madonna di Campiglio represents one of the very first choices in the search for New Year’s Eve in the mountains for young people. The locality of the province of Trento provides the beginning of the nightlife from 16, with the festivities that continue until dawn. Also known as the Queen of Val Rendena, Madonna di Campiglio is the coolest destination for young people.

If you are looking for ideas to spend New Year’s Eve in the mountains with children, Cortina d’Ampezzo is definitely one of the most recommended destinations. Assaulted by numerous VIPs at the last of the year, Cortina is a winter resort at the forefront of families, thanks to the availability of numerous services tailored to children and their parents. Dedicated ski slopes, organized parties focusing on the smallest, a wide range of family hotels: all this brings Cortina d’Ampezzo to the top of the preferences of Italian families with children.


In the context of a dinner with friends, the choice should fall on a look without too many pretensions, with the addition perhaps of some more daring element, such as a lace dress (for her) and a brightly colored tie (for him).

In a gala evening, however, yes to the classic tuxedo (for him) and a red or golden dress up to the knees accompanied by a dizzying heel (for her).

Finally, if you decide to spend the New Year in the restaurant, the black tie is the absolute reference (for him), as well as an elegant dress accompanied by a classic jacket (for her).


If you have chosen to spend the New Year at home and you are preparing the dinner for the guests, remember that there are foods that cannot be missing in your menu. The pomegranate (with its red seeds) and lentils are the lucky dishes par excellence.

Next, to them, the pig also plays an important role, a symbol of satiety and above all prosperity. The classic zampone with lentils is essential.

Other essential elements in a New Year’s menu are walnuts, chestnuts, marzipan, grapes, panettone, nougat and sparkling wine (or champagne).


Have you been invited to your New Year’s dinner by your friends and do not know what to give away or send a gift of flowers to their homes?

Wine will always be welcome, regardless of whether men or women are the majority.

You can also think about buying a game or company that your friends do not know, so as to surprise them.

Another gift that will not make you disfigure in front of friends will be a nice basket prepared with meats and cheeses, panettone (or pandoro) and artisanal nougat, a bottle of high-quality red wine, a sparkling wine (or champagne).

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