7 distinct designs to consider for your kitchen

kitchen designs

In every home, the kitchen is the heart of all operations. It is a focal point that runs a family, and not only just a place for food and wine. The way the kitchen looks says a lot about your personality due to the critical role it plays in a home. A kitchen should have your style not only by the looks but the feeling you get when using it. When designing a practical kitchen, you should never forget that it is a reflection of your personality and even how the rest of the house will look like. A kitchen should include color, texture, style, patterns and other features that accentuate your personality.

In modern living spaces, the kitchen has become a social area for relaxation, eating and cooking. In recent times, we have seen designs which encourage open kitchen designs with the aim of opening up the kitten to the adjacent spacious living rooms. Whether the kitchen is an open plan or closed kitchen, there are things that we should do appropriately for the kitchen to be that important room in the house. In the kitchen, there is a wide range of appliances, range hoods, cupboards, and fittings which make it hard to choose the perfect design. With kitchen design, it is all about selecting the products and fittings that will show your tastes. It is also about arranging these products and fittings in such a way that it is easier and safer to operate in the kitchen.

No matter the size of your kitchen and the amenities inside, a kitchen can only play its role effectively if it is functional. You need a kitchen that is designed appropriately for your own happiness while at home. When selecting your favorite designs, there are many factors to consider which include budget, needs and layout, the flooring, cabinetry and storage, and work surface. If all these factors are taken into consideration before settling for any particular design, there is a high possibility that you will have a kitchen with suits your needs and your personality. When building or remodeling your kitchen, there are seven distinct designs to consider for your kitchen.

Modern cooker hoods

If you want to have a modern looking kitchen, you need to have modern hooker hoods. They are metallic tubes with cool slide outs. They come in different shapes, and you can pick the ones that fit your stylish needs. They come with different finishes and materials. There are glass and stainless steel although you can still find others in different materials. Cooker hoods come in different makes, some less bulky and designed to create allure and a decorative appeal in your kitchen. If you intend to come up with a futuristic design, you could consider purchasing curvy lines and lacquered plastic. Today, there are oven cookers that come with built-in extractor hoods. However, it is recommended to go with a custom made rather than a built-in cooker hood.

Unique design elements

When creating a modern kitchen, consider coming up with unique designs that are in the market. Kitchen designs keep on changing, and you need to keep an eye on the latest ones. For instance, today we have flower kitchen hoods which add appeal to your kitchen although they might demand more space. If you intend to add attractiveness to your kitchen, you can consider using attractive ceiling fixtures that will create an elegant and luxurious feel in the kitchen. Even if you’re not interested in distinct ceiling varieties, there are different options to pick from other than the common rectangular shape.

Interior architecture

A modern kitchen deserves to have a modern interior architecture that is unique. The design could be a uniquely designed ceiling or even a window. Consider creating designs that allow sufficient daylight into the kitchen. The design should also allow sufficient working space for the cook. For instance, the working space should have close proximity to appliances such as the fridge and the stove. The interior architecture should be done in such a way that you can even hold social events in your kitchen.


The types of finishes in your kitchen will have a significant impact on the appearance. If you need your kitchen to be impressive, you must pick unusual but practical finishes. You can consider using materials such as wood and concrete to get a unique and unexpected look. By coming up with unique wooden designs, you can create gorgeous and trendy kitchen space. You should also consider adding tiles with a stock photographic mural for the perfect appearance. You need to use a material that is instantly recognizable even by your visitors.

Unique kitchen island

A unique kitchen might take up a huge space in your kitchen, but as long as that does not bother you, it can be a great addition to your room. Kitchen islands come in different shapes, but the most common one is the rectangular island. However, for a distinct look for your kitchen, you can choose an oddly shaped element. By investing in a unique kitchen island, you will have erased or avoided the need for traditional kitchen cabinetry altogether. A modern kitchen needs to have a distinct design that will make it stand out.

Hardware and features

The hardware in your kitchen can make a big difference in the look and appearance of your kitchen. You need to install modern sinks and hardware that will allow you to carry out all the kitchen operations. When coming up with unique kitchen features, you might consider creating an unexpected fireplace or even a unique peninsula. With unique hardware and features, one should be in a position to take the kitchen environment to a whole different level. You can consider adding photographic murals and other unique wall decor to your kitchen design.


For a unique kitchen design, there is a need to invest in unique kitchen accessories and furniture. You can consider unique lighting fixtures which will create some originality in your kitten. There are numerous kitchen furniture designs to choose from, but you need to go with designs that will diminish the element of boredom by making your kitchen a multifunctional and cool place.

For distinct kitchen designs that fit your needs and personality, a unique design is the place to be.

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