How To Solve “Amazon Payment Revision Needed” Issue?

Amazon payment revision needed

Amazon, being the largest online shopping site on the planet, receives more than 18.5 orders each second. So I hope you can perceive the popularity of this E-commerce giant. But often, consumers face a number of troubles while placing orders which hampers their buying experience. One such annoying problem is “Amazon Payment Revision Needed.

A number of factors contribute to the generation of this message. However, in this guide, we have targeted some common reasons that most people have experienced.  Continue reading to gain more insights into Amazon revise payment method and ways to solve it. 

Amazon Payment Revision Needed- What Does It Refer To?


I hope almost all old customers of Amazon have seen this Amazon Payment Revision Needed message at least once in their Amazon shopping journey. Precisely, it is an auto-generated prompt or message sent by Amazon that appears on your payment screen. It arrives only when you try to order something using prepaid payment channels, especially card or net banking.  

What are the possible reasons behind payment revision needed on Amazon? 

  • Your bank has declined the payment.
  • The transaction was not complete because you accidentally closed the payment page.
  • You tapped on the back button in the middle of a transaction
  • Your card has been lost, although you did not remove it from your Amazon account. 
  • Amazon’s internal technical glitches
  • Insufficient balance in the card
  • You have exceeded your daily shopping limit
  • Entered incorrect information while adding the card details to the account
  • The card has expired and needs renewal from your bank 

Amazon Payment Revision Needed message can be quite frustrating at times, especially when you are placing an order hurriedly. However, if you are facing this issue right now, do not panic- sit back, and relax! You won’t lose your money at any cost but to get rid of the issue, read the below sections carefully. 

How To Solve Amazon Payment Revision Needed Message?

How To Solve Amazon Payment Revision Needed Message?

You are here, which means that you are dealing with payment revision needed prompt on Amazon – right? Since Amazon will not allow you to place the order without clearing this problem, you must deep-dive into it.

I know you must be thinking of calling your bank or Amazon’s customer support right now. But believe me, in most cases, these are not fruitful. Here is a plethora of things that your need to do after receiving the Amazon Payment Revision Needed message.

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  •  Navigate to the “Your Orders” section
  • Find out the order for which you have received the payment revision needed message. 
  • Tap “Retry Payment Method.” Now select the payment method that you would like to use now. We recommend you choose a different payment method. For example, you have used net banking or card payment earlier, try to opt for Cash On Delivery or Amazon Pay Balance. Once you have chosen the new payment method, tap “Continue.”
  •  If you want to place the order freshly, hit the “Cancel Order” option after going to Amazon Payment Revision Needed.

How To Proceed If Your Payment Still Gets Declined?

How To Proceed If Your Payment Still Gets Declined?

Is the payment revision needed on amazon still persisting even after different payment attempts? Then you must be having a different issue, and it’s high time to take the next step. 

Adhere to the following steps without fail:

1. Get In Touch With Amazon Support Team

Amazon’s team of experts has access to solve this issue most of the time. They can send you a revise payment link from their system, which works maximum time. Also, they would check your order and inform you where you are stuck with the payment, thereby completely uprooting the problem. 

2. Dial You Bank’s Helpline Number

If anyone can save you after the support team, it’s the bank or the financial organization related to your prepaid payment method. Narrate the ongoing impediment and ask to enquire them about credit limits, transaction policies, balance, card information, and blockage. I am sure you will find a suitable way out from this Amazon Payment Revision Needed loop. 

3. Use A different Card

If you are super unlucky today and none of the above processes are not working, register a different card in your Amazon account. Please note that the cardholder name and Amazon’s account holder name must be the same to steer clear o any more vexed situation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Does My Amazon Order Say Amazon Payment Revision Needed?

The “payment revision needed” for any Amazon order would only appear if the prepaid payment was not successful. It causes order cancellation automatically after a certain period if you do not take action proactively. 

Amazon shows this notification if primarily if your bank declines the payment, you refreshed or closed the payment page, entered inaccurate card details, etc.

Q2.  How Long I Have To Wait For Amazon Revise Payment Method?

Amazon gives you a time of few days for revising the payment. Within this time, you have to place the order by paying the amount. If you continue facing Amazon Payment Revision Needed message, contact the customer support team and inform them about the issue. 

Simultaneously, you can contact your bank or card provider and let them know the challenge you are facing. If you want to avoid all these issues, simply select another payment method, preferably Cash On Delivery Or Amazon Pay Balance. 

Q3.  Do I Need To Contact Bank If I See “Amazon Payment Revision Needed”

The stage of contacting the bank comes later if you keep receiving the Amazon Payment Revision Needed message. You can ask about credit limits, debit card blockage, and payment policies to the bank. 

Summing It Up

Follow the instructions mentioned above to resolve the “Amazon Payment Revision Needed” issue. Not only will it save your time and effort, but also you will gain experience for similar complications in the future. Regular shoppers of Amazon face such issues for which repeatedly contacting customer care won’t help. Relax and try the given solutions; you will be able to sort it out. 

Have we answered your query “Amazon Payment Revision Needed”? Please leave your valuable opinion in the below box; we will be grateful. 

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