All e-commerce brands require some e-commerce marketing strategies to help them get new clients and also entice the existing ones to keep coming back to the store. The tips in this article will help you to drive traffic on your website. You will also be able to build customer relationships and trust. Here are some ecommerce marketing strategies that will help you to drive your online sales.

1. Optimize Your Checkout Process

The best way to reduce your cart abandonment rate is to optimize the checkout process. Most entrepreneurs tend to neglect this ecommerce strategy yet it is among the most important ones. You spend a lot of time to build trust with potential clients before they buy from your store. You can continue to build trust throughout the checkout process. If you have a smooth and trustworthy checkout process from the beginning to the end, you will minimize your cart abandonment rate and increase the conversion rates.

2. Let the Checkout Process be as Easy as Possible

Try and place everything on a single page. In case you have multiple pages, display a progress bar at the bottom of all the pages to help your clients to visualize the amount of time the checkout process will take. It should be easy to locate the buttons so that your customers are not frustrated. You need to have an easy checkout process for your store. You can have three sections including shipping information, billing and then reviewing the purchase. Include the photo of the product and break down the total cost so that the customer can understand how much he or she is paying. The users should see all the information they have entered and be able to go back and make corrections.

3. Give the Search Engines and Your Customers Helpful Product Descriptions

In case you are selling a certain type of accessory, make sure you provide a guide on the product size. Apart from helping your clients, it will also increase the volume of sales for your business. It is also good to include customer testimonials and reviews.  You also need to dedicate one page to the FAQs. Writing quality product descriptions that have relevant keywords is beneficial to SEO. Once you optimize your descriptions, your website will begin to rank highly in the search engine hence increasing sales. It will help customers to find your products with a lot of ease and also guide them through the purchase decision.

4. Display the Costs of Shipping the Product

No one wants to go through the whole checkout process and then discover at the end that the shipping costs are too enormous to bear. It will be a waste of time and he may never come back to your store. Be upfront with your clients by allowing them to know the shipping cost at the beginning of the checkout process. The customers should also have an idea about when to expect the product plus any other shipping details they may want to know. Customers will more likely come back to your store if you have an easy checkout process.

5. Tell Clients the Mode of Payment You Accept

It is good to include the logos of the kind of credit cards that your store accepts. It will help you to build trust among your shoppers and make them feel secure as they enter the credit card information. You can also increase the level of trust by adding popular security seals. Once customers see a security logo, they will understand that the credit card details are secure. It is among the most important Ecommerce Marketing Strategies that you should not overlook. These logos could be the only game changers that you need in your checkout process.

6. Retargeting

Only 2% of online users convert during the first visit to a website. Therefore, you need to have retargeting Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to capture the remaining 98%. You can retarget customers and get them back to your website in several ways. An excellent starting point is running retargeting ads on other websites. The other strategy is to use email campaigns to retarget clients. It will help you increase traffic to your website and get more conversions or sales.

7. Email Marketing and Automation

Email marketing tends to have the highest return on investment. You can entice users to give you their email whenever they make a purchase. You may also get emails through social media campaigns or as an exchange with discounts or coupons on your website. You may go for automation or stand-alone email campaigns. Some email automation may include order automation, abandoned carts, and welcome automation. Each automated email should pass a clear message to the customer. You will be able to increase your e-commerce sales through email marketing and automation.

8. Update Your Website

It is good to carry out site updates from time to time because old websites have a spammy look. Customers will trust and be comfortable with your site if it has a modern design. You need to have a clean and sleek website that has the desired aesthetic appeal. Web designs keep on changing and you have to make sure that you are up-to-date with the modern trends. You also need to publish from content on your website to make it rank highly in the search engine results.

9. Social Media Marketing

We cannot leave out social media when looking for the best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies. It is among the most affordable advertisement platforms in the market. You need to have business accounts with major platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Build an e-commerce social media campaign to help you push your products on social media. Don’t forget to include highly informative videos in your campaigns. Most internet users are on various social media platforms and you can use this to your advantage.

10. Invest in Mobile

Mobile is the next big thing and you will have to invest heavily in it. Most people use their gadgets for online research and transactions and you need to go for them where they are available. You may not have to carry out a complete overhaul of the website as long as you make sure that the mobile site is functioning properly. The most important thing is to give your clients the best shopping experience. Make sure that your mobile site has all the important elements. These elements can have different looks on various devices.

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