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How Much Data Does Discord Use? – Users Must Know Before Using

Technology BY Mashum Jan 01, 2022
how much data does discord use

Discord helps you connect with your family, friends, and colleagues. To learn how much data discord needs you to have to read this entire article.

Discord is starting to become the top communication app and that leads to people asking ‘how much data does discord use’.

There are family plans that will not satisfy you, and discord on the other hand satisfies the younger mass much more as they have a lot to stream and share. This article will give you the information you probably want if you want to know how much data does discord use?

How Much Data Does Discord Use?

Discord helps people to connect with their friends, families, and colleagues, it is like zoom but it is very much organized and advanced. It also allows you to bring in music streaming apps like Spotify or video streaming apps as well.

So that you can experience something different altogether.

According to many users discord has been helpful in long-distance calls or international classes. It is because it acts as a VOIP. VOIP’s full form is voice-over-internet protocol.

It helps you make phone calls based on data than an analog phone line. Discord behaves exactly the same as all messaging apps do. It requires data to run all the features like sharing music videos, voice chats, or simply a message.

So we come to the same question: how much data does discord use?

Don’t think it’s easy to answer, as it has multiple factors to discuss. Therefore to make you understand what is it all about let’s focus on the data it needs in your phone compared to your desktop.

Discord Data: PC Vs Phone

Cellular data use radio waves that connect the internet just like wifi. But wifi covers only a limited place like your house or office.

Mobile data are connected to cell towers so that they can connect to the internet, despite the distance.

so it plays with a wide range and connects you to the internet even if you are away from your wifi home network. Data plans are expensive with the gigabytes they offer per month. Though there are unlimited packs that people like to use.

Your PC is also using the internet, but not with a limited data plan unless it is running on a hotspot by using your phone.

Websites have this clever way of finding out whether you are browsing through your phone or computer because when they know they simply customize the data packages.

So how much data does discord use? Well, like I said it’s hard to answer that, but we can assure you it uses more data when you use it on PC or desktops than it will on your phone.

Why so?. Because when you use the data on the computer it gives you better quality images, videos, and messages. 

How Much Data Discord Uses Per Hour?

It depends on what are you doing on your computer or phone, what is happening in the background, and how fast your internet connection stays from the start.

As we all know more data is required when you send someone a video compared with a picture or a text.

Larger group chats also add data usage. So, it’s actually depending on you what you are doing and that affects the data usage. Tablets, computers, and phones also have multiple applications running in them all the time.

The burning of data depends on the background application you have been running.

If you want to restrict data usage then go to the setting of your gadget and turn off the background applications. We tend to eat up more data if the connection speed is good because with the good speed our work is done faster.

Think about it, you won’t send pictures or videos to your friend or family if they take time to download, would you?

Use Of Data Discord In Phones

Now that we have a bit clear idea about how data works, let’s discuss how discord data is used on phones like for voice calls, video calls, or messages.

Voice Call

Discord takes away less data when it comes to audio calls if you compare them with other apps. Surprised? Yes, it does. It takes 28 MB per hour over a voice chat. But this could vary, and the way to identify this is to check if any other apps are running in the background.

Video Calls

The data it takes away for a video chat is 270 MB per hour. Check the background apps again, because like mentioned above the number can vary.

Discord transmits data only for the audio part of the chat, therefore you save a bit of data on messaging apps.


Every time you send a text via discord, know that you are sending a full HTTP POST request. Most of us don’t understand this but it’s a big deal. Usage of data depends on how many people are simultaneously chatting. To make you understand in a better way let’s consider two people talking to each other over texts, the data that is draining out is 28 MB.

Minimize Data Usage

If you are quickly running out of data but also want discord to reach your family and friends then you should learn how to minimize your data usage.

As told multiple times in the above sections, start with closing the background apps that are running. There will be no such issues to do it because both Apple and Android allow this function.

 Go to settings to fix it. Also disable link previews because it makes your phone download images and messages forcefully, that you have no interest in. It can take a lot of data from your monthly plans.


Here I conclude how much data does discord use. Nobody really gave thought to the data usage work or how our PC and phones are connected to connections.

Since this article is telling a lot about discord data it also includes the ways of minimizing the usage of data.

The article has very solution to your problems and it also enlightens your knowledge of discord data.

Leave a comment down below. If you liked the article.

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