What Does Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment Mean?

origin post is preparing shipment
origin post is preparing shipment

With COVID 19, we are all getting imprisoned in our own home, every person on the planet Earth is getting something delivered or the other.

With USPS being bombarded with work beyond their handle meant it is easy to feel frustrated when your package is late. This sudden rush of anticipation that it might not get delivered!

On top of that cryptic messages like:

  • ‘Origin post is preparing shipment.’ 
  • ‘Origin post is preparing USPS.’ 
  • ‘Origin post is preparing shipment for a month.’
  • ‘Origin post is preparing a shipment for three weeks.’  and so on…

Can put your teeth on edge!

In this article, we have tried to give you some of the answers to these questions. Therefore, you don’t have to feel that your shipment is being sidelined.

What Is The Meaning For All Those Cryptic Messages From USPS When You Are Waiting For A Package To Be Delivered?

Cryptic Messages From USPS

Whenever you deliver something from USPS the message ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ basically means that they have received your order details and they are preparing a tracking record. Simply put in words, order received and now they are getting it ready to be shipped and soon delivered.

Although, there is a catch! This is a generic message that is automatically sent once your order. Therefore, it does not necessarily imply that any processing regarding your package has started. Neither is it an informant of how long it will take for your package to reach you.

Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment:

Firstly, this statement is very cryptic and can have multiple reasons.

When I checked Reddit most of the reviews for ‘Origin Post is Preparing Shipment.’ are as follows:

  • If you are getting a delivery from a different country it means that your package is yet to be received by the American postal service.
  • Or, your package is at the bottom of the shipping list and will take a considerable amount of time before it reaches you.
  • For someone who received the same message, the longest it took for the shipment to be delivered was 2 months.
  • It was clearly mentioned by one of the reviewers that ‘‘Origin post is preparing shipment USPS” does not mean that they are tracking it.

Why Is Your Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment For A Month Or Stuck?

But, before you get more depressed thinking you will never receive your package I would like to inform you that; USPS personally takes care of all their customers and always try to deliver their packages as soon as possible. With so many packages to be shipped and delivered, especially with the advent of pandemics, it is not impossible for some mishaps to happen.

Therefore, if your origin post is preparing a shipment for a month or more then there might be a few reasons why your USPS delivery is stuck.

1. USPS Has Not Done An Arrival Scan:

USPS Has Not Done An Arrival Scan

Starting with something that almost never occurs. It is a simple careless mistake that happens from a USPS worker’s end and can delay the process of delivery. So, when you receive the cryptic message it can mean that your package has already reached the shipment destination and will be delivered to you soon.

However, as the scanning wasn’t done, the tracking records haven’t been updated. You might get the tracking message soon once someone else in the chain of process scans the package.

Again, this is a very rare happening.

2. Displacing Of The Package Palette:

Displacing Of the Package Palette

It is a machine after all and sometimes it so happens that in the intricate process infrastructure the palette has been displaced on its own.

As they are detached from the track and separated, the packaging might have mild damage or sometimes pop open. Soon the workers put them together and pack them tightly so that they don’t separate again.

Again, this is an automatic accident that almost never happens.

3. Packages Are Delivered From Other Countries:

Packages Are Delivered From Other Countries

While perusing the reviews for ‘origin post is preparing shipment’, I came across this problem. If you are receiving a delivery from a different country, especially China, due to the customary regulations it might take more time than usual to receive your package.

Maybe, your package hasn’t reached the country and that is why the tracking is unknown. 

4. Pandemic:


As mentioned before, with the current scenario it is not inevitable for a delayed shipment. With people receiving and sending packages from every corner of the Earth it might happen that your package doesn’t reach at the promised time.

USPS is trying to rectify the situation just like any other business conglomerate who is hit by the pandemic. So, if you are receiving ‘Origin post is preparing for shipment now’ it is almost always for this reason. 

If Your Package Is Stuck For A Considerable Amount Of Time…

This cryptic message of ‘origin post is preparing shipment’ can only leave us assuming what went wrong. Although sometimes you can just receive your package within 2 to 3 business days of receiving this message, if it has been more than two months then your USPS shipment is probably stuck.

In this case, the best idea is to directly contact the USPS customer service to see if any clarity could be given.

The toll-free number for USPS is


You can also chat with one of the officials over the official USPS domain.

Hope you receive your package soon.

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