5 Tips to Boost Employee Satisfaction

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Employee Satisfaction

Now more than ever, the satisfaction factor has become much more relevant in the realm of business. Employee retention skyrockets with companies that promote happiness among their teams and numerous studies have been conducted to understand the effects of professional bliss on the workers’ performance. One among them discovered that making your employees happy can lead to a 20% increase in their productivity, shedding more light on the matter of what we can do to maintain the workplace a more pleasurable environment.

If you are looking to make a few changes with the same goal, let’s see several methods that have nothing to do with financial incentives, and that can still lead to a much happier crew at the office!

Show appreciation :

Particularly in larger companies, the individual is too easily lost in the crowd of people working as a unity towards a single goal. However, when an employee stands out with their performance, it will boost their confidence if you take a moment to express your appreciation. It can be done via a team or company-wide email, in person, with a gift basket, or a card signed by you and other employees.

On the other hand, show that you care and appreciate their life outside of work. Perhaps you have an employee who volunteers a lot, so you can reward them with a few extra vacation days. When someone gets married or becomes a parent, why not take a moment to celebrate with their favorite cake? The price tag on your token of gratitude and appreciation doesn’t matter as long as it comes from your heart.

Think healthy thoughts :

If your employees keep using all of their sick days, the impact on your business becomes more than obvious. Even if they do come to work with a cold, which is never a good idea, they will lag behind and won’t enjoy their work. To prevent an unhealthy environment and lifestyle, it’s essential to promote balance and spend time as a team enjoying healthy activities to boost their health.

Consider a company-wide trip, where you can book spa resorts specifically designed for business escapes such as Byron Bay accommodation. They will not only unwind, but bond, learn about healthy habits, pick up a few handy skills, and as a result, go home more resilient and invigorated. Add to that free gym memberships to extend the healthy habit beyond your little getaway, and you’ll have an office full of fitness gurus in no time!

Work on flexibility :

Many modern companies have adopted the “flexitime” system not only to remain attractive to potential employees but for the sake of improved performance. Especially if you live in metropolises such as New York or Sydney, commuting can be a waste of precious time which your employees could spend with their families or think of another stellar pitch.

Talk to your team to see if they need these novelties at work, perhaps some would love to work remotely a day or two per week, or change their office hours if that wouldn’t affect other employees. As long as you have communication channels such as Slack or Skype, their productivity should flourish.

Focus on growth :

At first, every single job is challenging, but as soon as the adaptation period is over, your employees might feel underutilized and their skills neglected. Happy employees are often the ones who are continuously challenged and given the right tools to master new skills and knowledge.

In-house seminars, traveling to conferences, setting up teaching sessions with guest mentors or their role models, all of these and many other learning opportunities will be a perfect way to keep your teams interested. Spice it up with an occasional task that surpasses their current skills and they will grow out of their position in search of a new one, but still within your own company!

Engage :

As their boss, but even more importantly, as their leader, you need to get a better understanding of each employee’s aspirations. You’d be surprised how many among them have different, perhaps brilliant ideas as to how to improve your operations. Then again, you can use a single conversation to learn that they could use more training, more time with a specific client, or a few days off.

Look at it as a two-way street, so that both you and your employees will get regular feedback. Transparency is a powerful tool for improving communication, gaining and retaining trust, and building long-term relationships with your teams.

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