5 Things to Make HR Recruitment Better

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HR Recruitment

It is a challenge for human resources process of recruitment to find the best people who can fit the company’s culture and offer a valuable contribution to the growth of the business. It is also a challenge to keep the best people but it will be a good opportunity if the right HR process is done right.

While recruitment process does not have the exact formula or have a specific ingredient to guarantee of having the best employee under your organization, there are specific steps and actions that will help with HR process to get and keep the best talent in your company:

Find out what you are looking for

Before posting a job ad, you should decide what you need for the company and also you have to be familiar with the platform’s recruitment website design. First, list down the behaviour you are looking for. Skills can be taught afterwards. Candidates with personality and good behaviour come first because you can teach them afterwards. It is true that there are jobs that require specific skills and experience but the behaviour and attitude make the difference.

Create a compelling job post

Your job posting should be different from the other recruiters. If it is the same with the others, rest assured that it would not be noticed or less chance to be exact. Including in your job post are the responsibilities and qualifications but you should add why the company is awesome by putting some of the perks they would get once they get hired. You can also tell about how the company started and the great team you have. Your job post should tell the candidates why should they apply to your company.

Consider in-house candidates

You can also offer promotion and other opportunities for the current employees of the company. In this way, the company can also boost the morale of its people and be able to feel their talent and capabilities. This also shows the appreciation for the organization for its employees. Who knows that you would be able to find gem among the current employees. Moreover, it will be the chance for employees to prove their talent and skills, contributing more to the best interest of the company.

Competitive perks and compensation

You can offer competitive salary package by doing a survey in the job market and observe the rates they offer and employees attracted with. In order to attract the best candidate, pay better and offer more. Paying cheaply will make people feel unappreciated and will definitely leave you for better job offer.

Take advantage of the technology

There are so many online tool that you can use to make hiring process easier and faster. It will improve the HR solutions of sourcing and hiring processes. Some good examples are GapJumpers, Textio, and ZipRecruiter. ZipRecruiter can be an awesome recruitment force multiplier, allowing HR to draft a job post and then distribute to over 100 job boards. GapJumpers is a toll that will let the company to host such blind auditions, offering a chance to strictly judge the performance of the potential candidate rather than the resume and work-related stuff. Lastly is the Textio that helps the business to draft better and more effect job descriptions.

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