All businesses have a unique audience that they have to reach. It does not mean that all the actions that you take will be right. You have to understand the elements that you can apply to enhance your promotion and use the ones that are ideal for your persona. Besides, you should not only use one marketing strategy for your business. Planning will help you to create several actions for your brand. Over time, you will differentiate between what works for your brand and what does not. Here are marketing strategies to attract customers.

1. Blog


Blogs are among the marketing strategies to attract customers. It’s among the best methods of attracting customers in an organic manner and delivering high quality and educational posts. With a blog, you can publish content that answers a broad range of questions from the most technical to the most basic ones. You will be able to provide specific solutions to your audience.  The blog will display you as an authority figure in the niche. The most important thing is to make sure that you attract a broad range of followers to your blog.

2. SEO


It does not make sense to have a blog that has interesting content for the target audience yet people don’t read your posts. At this point, search engine optimization techniques come in handy. It is the best way to make sure that your web pages will rank top in various search engines like Google. Make sure you place your keywords well in the content, use titles that will capture the attention of your readers, and write interesting content that will educate your target audience. You need to optimize all your blog posts so that internet users can come across your website when they search for phrases that are related to your niche. SEO is among the most effective marketing strategies to attract customers as long as you implement it well.

3. E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Some people still hold to the idea that email is an ineffective marketing strategy. According to them, most people don’t take the time to read emails that are forwarded to them. However, this is not true as long as the email content that you send to your readers is interesting. The mistake that most people make is that they spend most of the time advertising their products or services in the email. For instance, you can create e newsletter and send important information through email to anyone who leaves his or her email address on your website.  You can also forward to them rich materials such as more elaborate e-books. Therefore, the use of email is among the most effective marketing strategies to attract customers.

4. Social Networks

Social Networks

Social media is among the best platforms to communicate with the public. Currently, it is hard to come across an individual who doesn’t belong to at least one social media network.  The first thing is to understand the location of your person before using social media as a marketing strategy. Is it Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook? There is a high possibility that you will carry out your marketing campaigns on multiple social media platforms. However, don’t push yourself so hard on platforms where your target audience is not present. The content that you post on social media should also add value to your users. Therefore, it is not a matter of advertising your brand all the time. Social media is among the marketing strategies to attract customers that you cannot overlook if you desire to succeed.

5. Video Channel

More than 40% of internet users prefer to consume video content, making it one of the best marketing strategies to attract customers. It explains why the number of people who are using platforms like YouTube has been on the rise. Most businesses are using videos to advertise their products because it is an excellent meeting point with customers. The beauty about creating videos is that they allow you to transmit valuable information that your audience can easily consume. Therefore, you can use them in advertising your products and services if you want to attract a large number of potential clients. Apart from YouTube, there are different ways to monetize with video content. The most important thing is to make sure that you are using video as an effective marketing strategy.

6. Sponsored Links

The term sponsored links refers to the ads that are added to other web pages. It is normally one that is related to your business and you have to pay for the promotion. These links allow individuals who are searching for topics that resemble yours, but are not aware of the products and services that you are offering to get you on other websites, social networks, and blogs. Most of these third-party sources are the websites that they are already following. One of the marketing strategies that has been impressive to users is native ads. The reason is that this type of paid advertisement does not interfere with the browsing experience of the user on the pages they are visiting.

7. OOH (Out of Home) Digital Media

When you think about New York, apart from the renowned Statue of Liberty, the other image that will come across your mind is the times Square. Most people who visit the United States look towards visiting this destination. The reason is that it has several adverts and billboards, thus the name ‘The Crossroads of the World.’ The billboards advertise anything you can think about making it an excellent opportunity to advertise your business. Currently, you will get LED screens and panels on buses and elevators with different adverts. If you want to promote your brand to grow in your geographical region, out of home digital media is a great way to promote your business. However, think about your audience and whether that strategy will serve them well.

8. Newspaper, Magazines, TV, Radio


Like the out of home marketing approach, print media and mass media advertisement depends on the type of business that you are running. You need to think about the channels of communication that your target audience is using most of the time.

The advertisement costs depend on the marketing strategy that you choose to use. The most effective marketing strategies to attract customers tend to cost more. However, you will always get back your money in terms of increased sales.

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