10 Customer Acquisition Strategies to Get New Customer

Small Business BY Mashum Mar 03, 2019
customer acquisition strategies

With the harsh economic times, marketing your business could be very important than ever if you need to succeed. Competition is so high from other firms to the extent of others closing their doors.it is a clear indicator that there are more customers for businesses that stand to survive. In the case you are satisfied with how well your business is, you can sit back take the foot off the accelerator and watch sales roll in. But to your surprise is the competitors can eventually catch up putting down your business.

Therefore, coming up with better customer acquisition strategies will be necessary in the today’s world.it will help you to revamp your marketing efforts while responding to the needs of your target market and other potential clients. In these harsh times, it is going to be more than just thinking outside your limitation and goodwill with current clients to secure your business survival.

Ten strategies to acquire new customers:

1. Advertising


Advertising is the best marketing strategy one can apply to reach a wide range of customers. You can decide to advertise your products online or through radios and television. An online marketing strategy will help you to capture a wide range of audience as the customers get more interest in your business wanting to try your goods and services. Through advertising your business outlook increases its appeal to any customers that will come by to make a purchase.

2. Ask for Referrals and promotions

Word-of-mouth advertisement is among the most valuable customer-acquisition strategies. When friends recommend a service or product to a friend, that referral are weightier than if an enterprise alone boasted about its strengths. Make it easy for your customer to refer others to you by keeping your offer concise and straightforward .it will only be successful by offering these customers bonuses on goods and services on possibly a product they have not already purchased from you. Because you want to increase their business with you by introducing them to additional products and services that they could buy from you.

3. Be Unique

If you want your business to grow, it is essential to know what you and your competitors do not do to your customers, and what the customers require from you. By understanding this, you have to do what it takes to ensure that you are standing out from the rest by finding out all possible means to win customers and keep them. It’s simple, strive to do what others don’t do.

4. Product differentiation

Most customers tend to look for what is new in the market so that they can have a test. Making your products unique and appealing than those of the competitors can give you a head-on advantage. You can change the way you package your products or offer your services, introduce new brands of high quality that customers need .in the long run you will have customers flocking into your business to get these goods and services.

5. Identify where your target customers are


It is essential to know where these potential target customers are at all times if you need to improve your customer acquisition. Once you are aware of where these customers are may it be online or offline, then you can come up with marketing strategies. For online consumers, you can create a social media platform for your brand. In the case your customers are offline creating meetup groups could help gather new customers as people always tend to attend such groups to get new ideas about particular goods and services.

6. Market research

Watch what other successful companies to – take their innovative ideas, adapt them to your own business and then apply them. Through this, you can be able to know how to fit in the competition and acquire new consumers. You can then ask yourself how you can sell your products and services in bulk instead of a one-point sale. Like the case, if you are a bookseller, look for opportunities to form alliances with schools, book clubs or companies to generate large orders or group sales.

7. Postcards campaign

Not everyone has an interest in your business but by sending out postcards, the potential clients can get familiar with you. If they find you relevant, they might turn to you for services and products. Ensure the postcard has a good headline and body copy, so that you get maximum attention on it.

8. Look for complementary businesses

Some customers will try other enterprises before or after they come to your business. By identifying these complementary businesses, you will be able to have a new source of leads as well as potential joint venture partners. By allowing these customers to get products or services that you lack and the other has, from both of you it could be of great benefit.

9. Email Subscription and marketing


It is a powerful tool for acquiring new customer base as well as tracking the potential customers. Run successful email campaign and let visitors subscribe for your newsletters. Once a new visitor subscribe to your newsletter, you have a higher chance to convert her as your regular customer.

10. Offer Packages

Some individuals are always searching for quality products but at lower prices. Therefore breaking the bulk into small quantities can help you gain more customers as the demand for such products that the low-income individual’s need increases.


All entrepreneurs always want their business to thrive in the market for longer times. However, this will not be a success when you relax and think that your sales are giving you the best as your competitors eventually overpower you. How then is it possible to get the best deals while keeping ahead of the competition? Finding out new customer acquisition strategies could help you in the general growth of your business as your daily sales will keep on boosting.

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