What Does A Family Office Team Look Like?

Featured BY Abdul Aziz Jul 07, 2023
What Does A Family Office Team Look Like

In the realm of wealth management, family offices have gained significant prominence as comprehensive solutions for affluent families’ financial, estate, and day-to-day needs. Family offices offer a range of services, including investment management, tax planning, estate planning, philanthropy, and more. Behind the scenes of a family office’s seamless operation lies a dedicated team of professionals who work diligently to safeguard and grow the family’s wealth.

Since its establishment as a single-family office for the Whittier family in 1935, our team at Whittier Trust has evolved into a leading provider of comprehensive family office and concierge services. With a focus on addressing clients’ personal, family, and business needs, the firm brings a unique perspective to problem-solving, support, and consultation. With this perspective in mind, our advisors explore a successful composition and proven roles within a family office team.

Composition Of The Family Office And Its Role

As mentioned above, a family office offers diverse solutions to problems; therefore, each and every section has its own role there. This section abounds with the composition of the family office and its individual role. 

A Steady Direction:

Amongst those helming a family office is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or Chief Investment Officer (CIO). This individual possesses extensive experience in financial management and is charged with analyzing and understanding the flow of the market. Leadership within the firm, such as the CFO/CIO, plays a crucial role in setting the family’s investment strategy, overseeing the team’s work, and coordinating with external advisors.

Relationship Managers:

Family office relationship managers serve as the primary point of contact for the family members. These professionals develop a deep understanding of the family’s financial goals, values, and unique circumstances. They act as trusted advisors, offering guidance on various aspects of wealth management and coordinating the team’s efforts to deliver tailored solutions. Relationship managers often have expertise in investment management, tax planning, or estate planning.

Investment Professionals:

A family office typically comprises investment professionals responsible for managing the family’s investment portfolio. These individuals analyze financial markets, conduct due diligence on investment opportunities, and develop investment strategies aligned with the family’s risk tolerance and long-term objectives. They monitor the portfolio’s performance and make adjustments as necessary to optimize returns while mitigating risks.

Family offices frequently employ legal and tax professionals to handle the complex legal and tax matters associated with wealth management. These experts ensure compliance with relevant laws, structure family trusts, and entities, and provide guidance on tax-efficient strategies. They collaborate closely with other team members to safeguard the family’s wealth and optimize its financial position. Experts at Whittier Trust have found that the most effective strategies within all facets of managing an estate consistently employ a tax-conscious approach.

Estate Planning Specialists:

Estate planning is a critical component of comprehensive wealth management. Family offices often have dedicated estate planning specialists who work with the family to develop and implement effective strategies for the orderly transfer of assets across generations. These specialists navigate complex inheritance laws, draft wills and trusts, and oversee the administration of estates to ensure the family’s wishes are respected. Collaborating closely with other team members allows for a holistic approach, more optimized tax positions and assets, and a more seamless transition.

Philanthropy And Charitable Giving Advisors:

Many affluent families have a strong desire to give back to society through philanthropy. Family offices recognize this and employ professionals who specialize in philanthropy and charitable giving. These advisors help the family identify causes aligned with their values, develop philanthropic strategies, establish charitable foundations or trusts, and manage ongoing charitable activities. Whittier Trust has found that incorporating philanthropy in concert with the family’s overall financial plan fosters cohesion, reduces tax burdens, and imparts important financial literacy skills to younger family members.

Operational And Administrative Support:

Behind the scenes, a family office requires a robust operational and administrative support team. This team handles day-to-day tasks such as accounting, financial reporting, bookkeeping, technology infrastructure, and office management. They ensure smooth operations and effective coordination among team members, allowing the family office to function seamlessly.

The Responsibility Of The Family Office 

The family offices have their own responsibilities. It helps to provide the service to the wealthy families under the plan in managing wealth. In such a case, it is almost impossible for one professional advisor to help the family. Wealth management of super-rich families requires a well-coordinated and collective effort by the team of the legal, investment, business, and tax disciplines. 

The particular integrative approach combines the management of cash, lifestyle, risk management, and other forms of control. In a way, the family office assists their clients in navigating the complexity of wealth management. 

The Types Of Family Offices 

There are different types of family  offices, and they include:

  • Traditional Family offices
  • Multi-Family Office.
  • Outsourced Family Office.

The traditional family office is established by the wealthy, the well-to-do, indeed vidual, to manage their wealth. The Staff of experts include estate planners, accountants, financial advisor, and others. There is no conflict of interest as the family employs all of them.

The multi-family offices manage the wealth of many families. It offers the same service that a traditional family office provides. It’s a variety of experts that assists with the family’s household and financial needs. 

An Outsourced family office is a network of a group of service providers who collaborate on behalf of the client. One of the professionals coordinates all the communications. 


Whittier Trust’s family office team and advisors believe in a holistic and methodical approach to wealth management. By understanding clients’ histories and the origins of their family achievements, the team develops comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs, aspirations, and values of each family.

From investment and financial professionals to legal and tax experts, philanthropic advisors, and operational support staff, the firm has found success in assembling a diverse group of specialists focused on protecting and growing clients’ wealth. Through unwavering dedication and white-glove service, a good family office strives to sustain and enhance family legacies for future generations, helping families overcome obstacles and create a balance between financial success and family harmony.

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