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How To Transfer A Site To Another Hosting: Tips From Experienced Webmasters

Technology BY Arnab Mar 03, 2023

To better comprehend what a site transfer to a new hosting is, let's look at a simple example.

Imagine that you live in a rented apartment. Everything suits: the price is acceptable, the owner is good-natured and honest, and there is enough space. Then you get married, children are born, and it gets crowded.

In addition, the owner becomes rude and impudent and raises the price by 4 times. Naturally, such conditions are unsatisfactory, and you decide to find a new home and move. It is the same with sites where providers act as the apartment's owners.

When To Transfer

The stable operation of an Internet resource directly depends on the hosting where it is located. If your site is active, and every day it is visited by a stable stream of users and not 2-3 people, you must choose a reliable hosting provider as seriously as possible. If you made a mistake on the first try and used the services of a low-quality host, there is always a more reliable and respected opportunity.

It is required to do the procedure if:

  • The speed of performing actions and user requests is low.
  • Hacker attacks are regularly carried out, and the level of protection is ineffective.
  • You need more than technological help.
  • Efficiency is often either completely absent or reduced to a minimum.

What Is The Process

You must think over a technique, develop step-by-step instructions, and then act on it. As a rule, the "moving" of an Internet resource is carried out according to the next scheme: registration with a new hosting firm; linking an existing website domain to a new provider; moving the accumulated database; copying essential files.

You must use the file manager to optimize the procedure and facilitate the task. In the first stage, carefully evaluate the market offers, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of hosting companies' offers. Don't focus solely on cost. Most often, cheap hostings are inferior in terms of performance and speed.

Linking A Domain

If you want to keep the existing domain name and not assemble a new one, you must bind it to the selected host. To do this, you should modify the domain in the DNS backgrounds.

All is simple: go to the domain name control center, select " Server Management," and click " Change Address."

The sets are not updated immediately. This can last from several hours to a couple of days.

Moving the database

This is the most important step. If errors occur when copying the database, the site will not work correctly, and some of the data may disappear altogether. There may be problems with data encoding, and the pages will not be displayed correctly.

We copy it to a local disk. We go to a functioning hosting, select a database and note its encoding. After that, we ship it to the archive, and all the data is copied to the computer.

If there are tables in the constructed database, you need to delete them. Go to " Import" and copy the data. For this, we choose the old encoding.

Copying files from the site

This is the last step. Using a file manager such as Total Commander can greatly simplify it. Through the manager, you need to link to the hosting FTP server. To access the server, enter the password and log in. If everything is entered correctly, the connection is established.

On the hosting server, we find the " Domains" folder. In it, we find the folder with our domain. The source folder of the Internet resource is the general html guide.

Copy here the files from the folder of the previous hosting. The transfer of the Internet resource to another hosting is completed as soon as the copying procedure is completed. Enter the Internet resource domain and enjoy the service's improved performance.

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