Differentiate Dedicated Web Hosting and Share Web Hosting


In the web hosting process, every person should know that what type of server they need according to his business may be Dedicated Server, shared web hosting & Linux Server, they should compare the plan of web hosting and their needs, properly and make a plan sincerely. By which you can find your suitable web hosting package proportional to your Business.

Dedicated web hosting is known as most flexible or Cheap Dedicated Server because the client, which is rented a server he is owner of this dedicated server, there are no need to share that server to other websites, most of large scale companies hire the dedicated web hosting services because in that services they have full control of the server that incorporates equipment, decision of working framework, and so forth. Additionally, you can likewise get Internet availability, observing and excess measures.

Here, we mention some fundamental difference between Dedicated Server and sharing server. You can hear from any web hosting provider that sharing server have unlimited space for work, but the truth is the space is decides by only web host and take a decision that how much spacing is free for you, you cannot use the space by yourself, but in dedicated hosting things are changing.

Let’s see some difference between dedicated server and sharing server based on performance :

Shared Hosting:

Good performance of a website depends on the visitors on your website, because we all know that shared hosting plan always has limited resources and spacing, suppose if you website has standard visitors and the other user has more visitors than you then the web hoster provide his more spaces and resources which is always affected to your website performance.

Dedicated Hosting:

In case of Dedicated Server, it is an ideal choice for all, because in this the entire spacing is yours and there are no any worries then you have more or less visitors. So on the off chance that you have a not too bad measure of movement and you need to give an awesome or deal to your guests.

Then we see some other difference based on Security and Cost between dedicated hosting services and sharing server

Shared Hosting:

It is less safe hosting services because your server is shared by other server and you cannot find that what type of website is working on your shared server, and if any little illogical script is updated by others than become higher possibilities crash your server.
In terms of cost there a main factor for small or medium sized business is Affordability, it is reasonable then other hosting servers, small and medium level business does not need more space or higher performance of websites so they select this server, it is available in very cheap prices

Dedicated Hosting:

It is more secure than other web hosting servers because an ideal Dedicated Server can run almost all types of applications, scripts and software’s. And the web host is always observed the process of it and make your websites process easily and smoothly.

The Cost is of it, is slightly high, but according to the advantages and security level you can see it as Cheap Dedicated Server because they give free solution for your minor technical issues, but for major issues you have to pay some money to web host based on your problem.

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