Four Easy-To-Follow Tips For Healthier Living

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It is only with time and, more specifically, when we have a close encounter with death, do we understand the importance of leading a healthy life. One of the reasons why our health deteriorates is due to our inactive lifestyle.

For instance, the recent global health crisis changed the dynamics of physical work, with work from home becoming the new normal. Although many professionals felt at ease working from the comfort of their homes, it led to a sedentary lifestyle which is a breeding ground for health problems.

So, how to keep our minds and body healthy? Before answering that, let’s examine some benefits of leading a healthier life.

Benefits Of Healthier Living

While the importance of healthier living is strongly emphasized, only those who fully comprehend its benefits succeed. A few positive outcomes of a healthier lifestyle are that it boosts energy, increases life expectancy, and reduces the risk of diseases.

Today, getting caught up in the hustle of work and other responsibilities eventually takes a toll on your mental health. That being said, it is essential that from time to time, we take a step back and relax to ensure our psychological well-being.

As mentioned earlier, regulating health prevents health issues. In fact, according to a study conducted in 2020, people who engage in physical activity live a prolonged life free of chronic diseases. However, many diseases caused by toxic substances like asbestos are out of our control. A good example would be pleural mesothelioma, a terminal illness.

One critical aspect many don’t consider is maintaining health helps save money. A healthy diet involves eating nutrient-dense food that not only makes you feel nourished but also saves you from spending money on unhealthy foods that are likely to cause frequent trips to the doctor.

So, if by now you are considering adopting a more active lifestyle, here is a guide to help you smoothly start your journey.

Tips For Leading A Healthy Life

With tons of advice available on how to adopt an active lifestyle, it becomes overwhelming. However, to keep up with your goal, the best way to go about it is by gradually taking small steps.

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

The first step towards leading a healthy life is that you engage in physical activity regularly. Some initially start with an intense exercise regimen that only leaves them drained and no results.

To achieve long-term benefits, the most effective strategy is, to begin with, a low-intensity exercise that maintains your energy and builds your stamina. Exercise stimulates the body’s natural maintenance and repair system. Besides that, it also strengthens your bones, muscles, and joints, keeping you healthy and young.

Regular physical activity also has immediate benefits, including improved cognition and reduced short-term feelings of anxiety.

It is estimated that 110,000 deaths can be prevented if adults aged 40 and above increase their physical activity from moderate to vigorous by a small amount. Even as small as 10 minutes more of physical activity every day makes a huge difference.

2. Be mindful of what you consume

well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is often regarded as a tool for weight loss, which is not the only case. Healthy eating is the core of overall well-being. What we consume affects every aspect of our health, from physical to mental.

We must maintain a diet that provides us with nutrients to lead a prolonged healthy life and boosts our energy to keep us on our feet. Many think a proper diet plan must be followed to ensure we eat healthily, which is not true.

Adding vegetables and fruits to your meal is critical to protect your health. It is recommended that at least five portions of various fruits and vegetables are consumed daily. Start by replacing white sugar and rice with brown ones and choose a whole meal option instead of regular pasta and bread.

Add herbs to your grilled vegetables, experiment with new vegetables every week, or try a variety of other fruits such as mangoes, pineapple, and kiwi. The thing about a healthy diet is that you can still enjoy your favorite foods, even if they are high in fats or calories.

3. Drink Liquids

Drink Liquids

When it comes to living healthy, we are mainly focused on maintaining a well-balanced diet or engaging in physical activity. While these are essential for your health, what’s more, crucial is ensuring that you drink plenty of liquids. Why is that? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Water serves multiple purposes: its average percentage in the human body is 60%. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, metabolizes carbohydrates, and regulates body temperature. Although eight glasses of water are recommended, the amount depends on several factors like your activity level and health.

Dehydration has a noticeable effect, from altered body temperature to lethargy. The key to preventing these symptoms is optimal hydration which can be achieved by setting a daily water intake goal. A simple goal of setting is a motivation to make a positive change.

4. Sleep

healthy sleep

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain good health that doesn’t require effort is to get adequate sleep. Sleep deprivation impacts you physically and psychologically, from increased fatigue to negatively affecting your mood. Prioritizing your sleep is an effective way to set yourself up for an energized day.

Although seven to eight hours of sleep is usually recommended, several factors, like increased use of technology, prevent us from achieving that. To ensure you get adequate and quality sleep, begin by observing your sleep pattern and then take measures to improve your sleep.

Create a relaxing environment by eliminating noise and minimizing the light. Make sure your electronic devices are turned off, and most importantly if you feel afternoon naps interrupt your night’s sleep, avoid them. Consuming caffeine or large meals makes falling asleep more challenging, so opt for lighter snacks like whole wheat toast with peanut butter.


Today, there is no denying that the daily hustles of life have diverted our attention from our health, which has physical and psychological implications. The importance of leading a healthy life dawns upon us only when we are confined to a bed or consume tons of medicines regularly.

That said, we must take measures beforehand to live a healthy life. Though doing so might seem daunting at first, for long-term benefits, the most effective way to go about it is by making small changes. These include exercising regularly, increasing water intake, and getting adequate sleep.

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