What Does “Tendered To Delivery Service Provider” Mean?

tendered to delivery service provider

Tendered to delivery service provider status comes for the last partner of delivery service. It means that the parcel you ordered has been dropped to the last delivery section which might be near to your post office. If this is the status you are shown on your delayed order it means the parcel of yours is stored at the post office or being delayed by the service provider company.

people often get confused between ‘tendered to delivery service provider and ‘tendered for delivery, they mean absolutely different. Tendered for delivery status comes from the delivery service provider company when it is out for shipment from the warehouse. These notifications can be seen in your delivery status option when the order is being delayed.

What Do You Mean By Tendered To The Post Office?

  1. Whenever you decide to order from parcel servicing companies like Wish and Amazon. The parcel does not reach your address in one step, there are a few steps the companies go through.
  2. After completing all the steps, the parcel will reach the mile partner, who will then finally deliver the parcel to you. It can be the same day or the next.
  3. The last mile partner can be the post office in your locality. After one day the partner who delivers the parcel will hand it to you.
  4. there will be a tracking record sent to you from the shipper saying “your parcel is tendered to the post office”

What Is To Be Done With The Delay?

While you are in this phase, you will not notice or get any notification for the recent updates on your package until it is gone through at the post office. You may go to the sites where you can look for the tracking number to see where it is and its current location. Generally, after getting the notification within 2 days, you will get your parcel, but in case the situation doesn’t change at all, then you should talk to the company for an update on your order.

Tendered To Delivery Service Provider, FedEx

  1. FedEx is a global service company in the U.S and its head office is situated in Tennessee. FedEx is the short form of the full name of the company ‘federal express’.
  2. when a shipment tenders a notification, it means it has been delivered to the service provider which includes the offer to convey the shipment. 

This takes place when the shipment is passed down to The United States but not yet out for transportation.

3. FedEx takes a good amount of time to deliver your parcel and the reason for it is because of the long-distance. 

The above points show what tendered to delivery service provider FedEx means.

Why Do DHL Tenders USPS?

Tendered to delivery service provider means that the package ordered by you has been dropped off by the service provider off to the nearest post office.

The package will be shortly delivered to you but the time limit for different services is different for delivering.

DHL is the product import company, its job is to deliver the products in twenty countries if ordered from there. 

It is not possible for such large companies to deliver the product in one step.

Therefore, DHL passes the parcel to the transportation partners that reach USPS to be delivered to the nearest post office to finally be delivered at your doorstep.

What Do You Mean By Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean By DHL?

Tendered to a delivery service provider means that the shipping within the U.S, from one state to another, the package that has been ordered by USPS by DHL.

Remember, if the package has been handed over to the USPS, there will be no tracking notifications or status until you receive the package. It is not possible for the multinational service providers to deliver the package you ordered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Does Tendered To Delivery Service Provider Mean DHL?

Tendered to the delivery service provider in simple sentences means that the parcel has been dropped off at your nearest post office. DHL, FedEx, UPS has passed the box to the subcontractor who sent it to you.

2. How Long Does Tendered For Delivery Mean?

Tender for delivery shows up in your tracking information to mean that your package has been moved.

FedEx, DHL, or UPS system and has been handed over to the USPS who is now going to be responsible for your package.

3. Who Is The Delivery Service Provider For DHL?

DHL is a worldwide delivery package and express service mail, which is known to be a dissection of the German logistics firm of Deutsche Post.

Over 1.5 billion parcels every year are being delivered by this company.

4. What Does It Mean When A Package Is Tendered To A Returns Agent?

Tendering to a returns agent means that your returned package has been picked up by the return logic agent from one of the post offices.

5. Does Tendered For Delivery Mean Out For Delivery?

Once the shipment is done, a notice will be sent to the service provider to carry the shipment.

When FedEx passes the consignment to the USPS  this happens, but before ‘out for delivery.

6. Do DHL Deliver On Sundays?

DHL provides services on Saturday if somebody wants to offer a weekend parcel to your customers. 

They give the Saturday delivery service, as a free extra, therefore DHL does not have their service offered on Sunday.

7. Does FedEx Deliver On Sunday?

FedEx is a home delivery that delivers every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

8. Can A Package Be Picked From The USPS Before Delivery?

This is why the USPS has two different options. 

Either you can go with package intercept or package hold.

This means you can take your package before delivering it to you.

What Happens If The USPS Finds Drugs In The Package?

If they do, then they will conduct a ‘controlled delivery’ which means there will be an undercover cop dressed as a mailman.

He will then drive the mail truck to the address and deliver it to you.

To make everyone believe his identity he will for the day deliver mails to your neighbors as well.


In this quite elaborated article where we have discussed the tendered to the delivery service provider. Which deals with delivering packages around the world. 

With that, we also have discussed related topics to the tendered to the delivery service provider.

There are FAQs for you to get additional information if you are looking for it. 

Hope this article has enough information to enlighten you. Do tell us about your experience, in the comment section.

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