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Automotive BY Mashum Jan 01, 2018
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Taking the car for service and necessary maintenance can be burdensome, especially for new drivers and those owning older models. Where regular services are vital for overall health of the vehicle and safe driving, these may be costly if it has been long since the last service was due. Unless you’re well aware of vehicles and technical things, you wouldn’t identify type of necessary maintenance which only a professional understands.

Still, there’re different ways to counter potential high cost involved when taking the vehicle for a spin and necessary car service in Dubai. Consider the steps ahead of time and you’ll definitely have the vehicle in shape.

Never leave it too long

While regular maintenance and services aren’t necessary, MOT is a legal requirement hence recommended. Most of the drivers consider repairs service just before the MOT and whilst a car won’t fail, the process can be costly even if smaller things are ignored and worsen over time.

In case you aren’t a savvy driver, annual check-up is all that’s required as compared to those who drive frequently and on high speed. It’s however recommended having a detailed car service in Dubai once a year or when the vehicle covers 12,000 miles.

Learn simple repairs & maintenance

Simple and quick fixes would relieve you from the stress of burdensome and costly maintenance. Fortunately you don’t need to be a techie or mechanical whizz to keep the car in shape but only consider oil levels, Tyre pressure, screen-wash level, evaluation and possibility of changing air filters. Care to read the vehicle user-guide or watch a short online tutorial would surely come in handy to familiarize you with basic repairs and maintenance

It’s wise keeping an eye on the tires by weekly checks thus ensuring they’re roadworthy. In case the tyres are badly worn or the tread depth falls below the legal required limit, it’s time to have them replaced immediately else you may end up in a dangerous situation. Do remember that going for car service with worn tyres would factor additional replacement cost!

Talk to an expert technician

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Whenever at the repairs service centre, be sure to let the technicians know what you expect. Most of the service centres cater to various packages so it’s important to come clear with your requirement so as to get the right cost against the work done. In case you’re leaving the car at the service station, be sure the technicians contact you before performing any other additional repairs that may be necessary to keep the vehicle return optimum performance.

Shop around

Ensure that all car servicing, be it small or big are performed by expert technicians under professional and reliable supervision. Even if yours is the same service center as many years back, conduct a little research to know their current market competitiveness and do check the costs.


Taking time to learn more about your car would save you significantly however, there’re times when you do need a helping hand for twice the performance result in a much lesser.

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