7 Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Business

SMS Marketing

The statistics prove that SMS messages have much higher open and response rates than emails, which leads to better conversion.

In addition, messaging services are relatively cost-efficient and don’t require much effort. Thus, a successful campaign can be affordable for small businesses and allows scaling during gradual growth.

Not surprisingly, more and more companies apply the bulk SMS marketing technique to boost their sales, engage the audience, and improve deliverability.

Look At The Top 7 Benefits Of SMS Marketing For Business:

1) Reach a Wider Audience

Unlike emails and push notifications, text messages don’t depend on the Internet connection. So you can reach your customers wherever they are. It increases the chances of getting a larger audience and achieving better conversion.

With a well-functioning business SMS service, you can also use multiple features that help you track the campaign’s performance, personalize your texts, and deliver them to the users who expect to receive them.

Not convincing enough? Well, here are several statistical facts for your consideration.

  • More than 80% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone.
  • About 60% of customers feel optimistic about businesses that use SMS marketing.
  • No less than 80% of customers keep their messaging app notifications turned on.

Wider Audience

2) Require Less Effort from Recipients

Another critical advantage of text marketing SMS services over other channels is that they are more accessible to the recipients. Why? Simply because they’re shorter. And it makes a difference.

It might sometimes be more challenging for a business to fit the required content into a message no longer than 160 characters. However, such conciseness bears fruit.

It makes your texts more straightforward and readable without requiring any extra effort from the recipients. As a result, they quickly get the main point of your notification and are much more likely to respond.

3) Get Higher Open and Response Rates

SMS notifications have higher open and response rates than other popular channels. The source claims that about 90% of people open a text message within three minutes.

The open rate of SMS is five times higher than the exact figure in emails. On top of that, the SMS response rate is 45% compared to 6% for emails.

After starting your SMS campaign, you can track these and other essential metrics with the help of your text messaging software. It will help you realize the value of SMS marketing for your business and take steps in the right direction.

Response Rates

4) Generate More Leads

Generating new leads is undoubtedly not a piece of cake. However, you will get more chances to convert the recipients into subscription buyers with an efficient SMS platform.

Why? Short texts are more personalized, direct, and instantly clear. According to the survey, 90% of leads prefer to be texted instead of being called.

Some think that the opt-out opportunity may result in higher unsubscribe rates. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, your subscribers will be more engaged and genuinely interested in your product or service.

Furthermore, by following bulk campaign best practices, you have a great chance to win the trust of your audience and expand it.

5) Save Your Budget

Unlike other widespread channels, text services are quite affordable to reach your customers. It’s easy to check by calculating ROI (Return on Investment) and comparing it to other SMS marketing tools your business applies.

A recent survey claims that a business can expect a SMSexpect SMS campaign’s ROI to be more than $8 per message.

budget saving

6) Customize Your Campaign

Customization is the key to your messaging campaign’s success. And a business texting app will help you implement it effortlessly. In addition, you will be able to use multiple SMS templates and take advantage of robust tools that allow audience segmentation.

Thus, you won’t end up sending irrelevant or unwanted messages reminiscent of spam. Instead, your customers will get meticulously targeted texts addressing their expectations.

7) Deliver with Ease

And finally, here is the core advantage of text message services: they are fast. An SMS reaches the recipient much faster than any other kind of notification. Why? Well, think of your regular day.

How many times do you check your email inbox? Twice? Three times? And now, how much time do you spend with your phone? The answer is pretty obvious.

Therefore, instead of being lost or ignored in a spam folder, your message will instantly reach the recipient.

easy email deliver


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