How Remote Startups Can Win The Productivity Game

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Remote work is an ideal concept for startups as it lets them get off the mark without a massive investment in space and infrastructure. All you need is a great team of employees with the right skills. But WFH can bring its fair share of woes and productivity challenges.

However, things are actually favorable. A Stanford study found that remote workers were 13% more productive compared to counterparts working from the office. That sounds great if you plan to embrace the model for the long haul, right?

But you’ve got to do your bit to ensure that your WFH team is as productive as possible. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips to help remote startup teams maximize their productivity. Let’s share them with you.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Nothing matters more than robust communication when you’re working remotely. As a startup owner, you must establish clear communication channels from the outset. They should know how to reach each other, whether through email, Zoom, or Slack.

Also, set clear guidelines for when and how to communicate. Be mindful of time zones if you’re working with a global team.

Encourage People To Have Designated Workspaces

Working from home is not about sitting in the living room with kids and pets all around the place. It’s distracting, right? You can help your team to be productive by encouraging people to have designated workspaces.

In fact, incentivize them to have a dedicated home office with proper lighting and ergonomic furniture. Employees do better when they are comfortable and undistracted.

Use The Right Tools And Tech

Right Tools And Tech

Well, tools and tech are the cornerstones of remote work. You may not have tons of money to go big with them. But you can get started with the basics without spending a fortune. Even if you spend a bit, it is worthwhile.

For example, RemoteToPC Remote Access Technology offers secure and effective access to business resources. You can rely on it to empower your WFH team without compromising safety. Also, opt for productivity tools to keep your employees on track.

Create A Healthy Routine

Another challenge your WFH team may encounter is a lack of a healthy routine. Boundaries are often blurred for remote workers, which can affect their productivity. Ensure that employees get regular breaks between work.

Flexibility is a healthy practice for remote startups, as chasing hours can be stressful for employees and managers. Focus on work outcomes to maximize productivity.

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Build A Positive Culture

When you’re working remotely, employees often feel disconnected and disengaged. You can resolve the concern by building a positive culture that fosters communication, collaboration, and connection. Team-building activities such as virtual happy hours or online game nights can get people together beyond work.

Remember to celebrate wins and give recognition for good work. A positive goes a long way in keeping your team motivated and productive.

Productivity need not be a struggle for young startups. The right approach can help you make the most of the model with a high-performing and productive team. Follow these tips to crush it, boss!

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