Bookkeeping Tips For Small Business Owners

Bookkeeping Tips For Small Business Owners

Several things require a business owner’s attention, especially when the business is small and is looking to grow and become sustainable. Bookkeeping or keeping accounts in check is by far one of the most important things on the list.

At present, 69% of small business owners prefer to handle bookkeeping on their own. And while there are a host of tools and software to assist in the process, the task can be challenging. In fact, 21% of small and medium business owners acknowledge the fact that they don’t know enough about this domain. In a state like California, small businesses are an integral part of the local economy, employing more than 48% of the state’s labor force, which stresses the need for respective owners to invest effectively.

Still, there is hope on the horizon. Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, to appropriately handle bookkeeping and keep operations afloat:

Get Professional Help

According to surveys, it is evident that most owners of small businesses don’t have adequate knowledge about bookkeeping. This task is complex, and the beginning of your business’s journey is when it matters the most. Therefore, most financial experts recommend that small businesses, of which there are 3.9 million in California that makeup 99.8% of all firms in the state, must seek professional help. Moreover, hiring a bookkeeper in Orange County is definitely a task that should be done with some level of expert assistance, as the number of small businesses in California’s third most populous city is growing by 4.75% each year.

Limit The Number Of Accounting Professionals That You Have On Board

To set the record straight, hiring a full-time accountant for your bookkeeping is unnecessary. You can continue to handle the task on your own, but get consulting services at a fraction of the cost. Also, it is important that you limit the number of employees or consultants that you hire to perform the bookkeeping tasks by using one specialist for the full process. It is, as the old saying goes; too many cooks ruin the broth. Having just one person handling the process creates responsibility and clarifies expectations.

Think About Reliable Software

Many traditional practices are made easier to manage by digital technologies. In the past couple of years, the extensive availability of raw data coupled with analytical tools and advanced AI has enabled software to become more comprehensive and accurate. The use of powerful software streamlines several elements of bookkeeping for your business, from balancing your sheets to providing insights about optimization and appropriate allocation of resources. With the help of robust software, you can cut your job in half while facilitating your business through strategies poised for strong growth in the future.

Create A Routine

A precise calendar for when to perform bookkeeping tasks may establish consistency and a smooth, streamlined flow. Small business owners are swarmed with various other tasks and management duties that they can overlook because their books need constant updating. This can lead to numerous discrepancies, hindering effective operation flow and potential development over the coming years. Creating a routine and following it religiously will allow you to stay on top of finances, ensuring that you can continue making the best possible decisions for the sustainability of your business operations.

Regularly Review Your Books:

In addition to maintaining a routine, evaluating and scrutinizing your financial data is crucial. Your business is your baby; you are building it from the ground up. Bookkeeping helps you look at the receivables, payables, assets, and liabilities that you have at present. This presents you with a financial overview of current standing as well as future prospects. Reviewing the books regularly can help you streamline business operations and get a hold of accounting concepts and even get better at them with time.

Create A Process For Transaction Processing

Creating a coordinated strategy for the procedure simplifies things. Even when we talk about bookkeeping alone, there are many different things to consider. From gathering receipts to coordinating with suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders to get the most updated financial positions can be a challenge. If your business sells a particular product, managing inventory is another behemoth of a task. Without a comprehensive plan in place, you can encounter issues that will frustrate, anger, and eventually tire you much faster than usual.

Divide Responsibilities Wisely

The process can be made more efficient and quicker by separating a few critical tasks, whether they are carried out by the accounting department or the total bookkeeping procedure. For instance, to better manage inventories, you can ask the manager to perform simplified bookkeeping for payments and collecting receipts. At the same time, you can ask other department heads to manage any financial matters they handle on their divisions’ behalf. Through this process of delegation, not only will you lighten your own workload, but you’ll provide the business with a much better foundation for growth.

Separate Your Personal And Company Finances

Keeping personal and business accounts separate is the most fundamental bookkeeping rule as it enables accurate tracking of both income and expenses. Not differentiating between the two is a common mistake that has seen some promising startups fail over time. It is best, therefore, to always have the personal and professional as separate as possible. You are a small business, and even if you are able to raise investments in the millions, you can easily run them dry just through this rookie mistake. If you handle the bookkeeping on your own, ensure you have separate ledgers for company and personal finances.


Small business owners are under a lot of pressure, especially given that, historically, most businesses fail within the first few years. Many of these succumb to poor financial planning. Therefore, you must be very careful with the bookkeeping process, whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional handle it.


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