Top 8 Most Expensive Penthouse Apartments in The World

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Penthouse apartments are a sign of aristocracy and a luxurious lifestyle. When most people are struggling with house rent, then the penthouse apartments are looking like fairyland. The beautiful mansion with a designer building, rooftop private swimming pool, gym, and beautiful interiors are like the sweetest dream, especially for those who want to spend their lives with high luxury.

When you want to spend money on leisure, why not plan to spend money on buying a deluxe penthouse? Among the entire world, the penthouses are becoming the well-known monuments of the cities.

What Is A Penthouse?

Penthouse is an expensive flat or a kind of luxurious rooms. You can easily recognize the penthouse buildings by their unique design. When you are watching on top of these penthouse apartments, the feelings are heavenly. The feelings are like you are looking down from a beautiful window of endless blue sky. But money matters, right. We can show you the cheap penthouses as well.

8 Most Expensive Penthouse Apartments

8 Most Expensive Penthouse Apartments

Hope, you have learned what is a penthouse. Now, let’s come to the main part, the penthouse apartments are the ultimate sign of luxury. These apartments are giving you kingly feelings. You are getting the chance to look down the whole world from a sky-high rise that is fully equipped like a king’s mansion.

Here is the name of eight expensive penthouse apartments. 

8. Woolworth Tower Residence-New York

Woolworth Tower Residence-New York

Woolworth tower in the middle of New York City is a costly luxurious residence. The most attractive part of this penthouse apartment is the neo-gothic design of the apartment. This tower is converted in the neo-gothic style, and it has become an iconic architectural building.

This building is the tallest in the whole world. The top thirty floors of the buildings are condos.

The price of the top pinnacle apartments of the penthouse is worth $110 Million. The luxurious amenities are all private for the penthouse apartment owners.

7. 181 Fremont Building-California


181 Fremont building in California is the most iconic structure in San Francisco. This is the tallest building in San Francisco. This 808 tall building is a combination of skyscrapers. The modern and metropolitan lifestyle of the San Francisco people are fond of this building. This is a good combination of innovative and bold style statements.

The Grand Penthouse apartment is simply designing by combining bold and luxury statements. One penthouse apartment is spanning over 6,900 square feet. The penthouse apartment is a fully-furnished residence with four bedrooms, six restrooms. The most appreciating part of these penthouse apartments is the elegant and bold design.

6. Wallich Residence-Singapore

Wallich Residence-Singapore

Wallich Residence in Singapore is a high-rise penthouse apartment situated in the middle of the downtown area. The whole penthouse is furnished with beautiful interiors, and amenities are very luxurious.

The spa, cabana, Jacuzzi, and private swimming pool, along with the fully equipped gym, are the penthouse apartment’s key features. Each of the apartments is coming with a $79.65 million price. You can enjoy the marvelous scenic beauty of Marina Bay and Sentosa Island from your penthouse apartment.

5. South Bank Tower-London

South Bank Tower-London

This 30 stories high-rise building is the most recognizable iconic structure on Stamford Street. This thirty-story structure is 111 meters high, and the designer of this building is John Laing.

This London penthouse apartment is a good sign of a combination of modern and aristocracy. The designer is giving huge importance to the environment and nature; hence he does the design with great sustainability. The design is a good combination of ecological and natural environments. Your terrace is full of different kinds of trees, and you can live in the middle of a busy city. But you do not have to sacrifice the view of nature.

4. 160 Leroy-Manhattan

160 Leroy-Manhattan

Manhattan is the city of dreams and luxury, and 160 Leroy is the perfect place where we can enjoy Manhattan’s modern lifestyle with lots of luxuries. Manhattan’s penthouse apartments are all becoming the most iconic buildings, but 160 Leroy is becoming the most eye-catching building for its unique design.

The 11 feet widow of the penthouse apartments is facing the waterfront. You can enjoy the Hudson River view while relaxing on your couch. The penthouse apartments are full of luxurious modern amenities like a spa, pool, gym, indoor game spots, and a bar.

3. Odeon Penthouse-Monte Carlo

Odeon Penthouse-Monte Carlo

$337 million penthouses in the Monte Carlo. The water sports of Monte Carlo are never-ending entertainment. This famous luxurious penthouse is a clear sign of a fun and adventurous outlook. The penthouse apartment has a personal rooftop swimming pool with a water slide.

35,500 sq. ft apartment has five bedrooms along with three staff bedrooms. These rooms are designed with lots of modern and fun activities. The 557ft high penthouse apartment is carrying the unique and contemporary designing concept of the designer.

2. Tower One-Dubai

Tower One-Dubai

The city of Gold is full of luxury and modern, fun activities. The iconic Dubai buildings and the fountains are all popular. But this $74.5 Million worth of buildings is the most popular because of their unique design and luxury. This is the most luxurious penthouse in the tallest tower of Dubai.

The size of the penthouse apartment is 21,000 sq ft. And this is the largest penthouse in the Burj Khalifa. When you plan to buy this penthouse apartment, you get to live in the most lavish penthouse in Dubai; hence, you get the option to see the most iconic building from your window.

1. OPUS-Hong Kong 

OPUS-Hong Kong 

Living in nature is the theme of these beautiful high-rise penthouse apartments. The tall 12 stories high-rise building is not only one of the most luxurious penthouse apartments. OPUS is building on the theme of saving nature. So you do not have to compromise your choice of living indeed at the heart of victoria’s peak.

Frank Gehry designs this beautiful luxurious penthouse apartment. Each penthouse apartment price is starting from  $66 Million. This beautiful penthouse is made by combining the concept of modern and technical up-gradation. The modern amenities are all present like a gym, swimming pool, spa, etc. Along with these, the natural power saving concept is incorporated by the designers. The rainwater and power-saving automatic system are present in this 42.62-meter high residential building.

Bottom Line

Living in luxury is everyone’s dream. Buying a luxurious penthouse apartment is the first step to making your dreams come true. These all seven penthouses are not only the lavish penthouse. These are the most iconic recognition of the place.

The places of the penthouse buildings are all unique, and you get the full opportunity to look at the earth from the bird flying high. Buying this one apartment is a clear sign of luxury and class.

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