Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Buy A Car?

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How long does it take to buy a car

When you think about buying a car, it doesn’t matter what the company is; it can be a Ford, a Nissan, or a Suzuki

Any company can ask for weeks, or months, even a year before delivering it to the dealership. This mostly happens on custom orders or newly launched cars.

The amount of time they take depends on the current situation of the car. Whether it is going to be built for you, or it is going under checking.

Manufacturers often build car models and add them to their new car range with new colors and options that have the chance of selling quickly.

These cars are called stock cars and are allocated in the dealer stocklists as well as stored in the port for selling. Stock and Special orders are different, and we will talk about them in this article.

When you visit a dealer, you tell them your specified points for buying a car, to which they use an industry search tool to look for your wants.

This tool is not available to car shoppers, so you will have to rely on them for this. If your features in a car are already available, then the delivery process starts, and it takes weeks to get delivered.

If your car is to be built then it might take up a year to get delivered. In case your car hasn’t been built then submit a factory order.

In this article, we will talk about all the aspects of how long does it take to buy a car, and the time it takes.

Factory Order For Car Buying

Factory Order For Car Buying

Since an already built car takes just weeks to get delivered, the yet-to-be-built car takes a lot of time.

When you are looking for a factory order the process starts with a form to the dealership that outlines your specification for the car.

It includes everything such as the color, the engine, trim level, everything you want in your car.  The next step is the dealer will pass on this information to the factory to start building your car.

The factory won’t take orders from you directly; you will have to deal with the dealer first; that’s how the process is. The dealer will be unable to tell the date of delivery, so it’s pointless to keep asking them about it.

There are different factors that are connected with the delivery date, such as the location of the factory, the years it will take to get it built, and the car’s specifications.

To cooperate, you will be given a guessed time of how long the dealership is expecting the process to get over. That is the process of How long does it take to buy a car.

The Factory Order Car Buying Process

Car Buying Process

Like all organized ways, factory order car buying process also has some queue to maintain and in this topic How long does it take to buy a car, they are mentioned below.

  1. Submit the order form
  2. Have to build an allocation
  3. Need to have production and quality check
  4. Need to transit port of exit
  5. Paperwork and inspection before delivering
  6. Delivery

Allocation Being Build

Car Allocation

When you give your order form, you guarantee a production slot for your car, and it depends on a few things such as.

1. Dealers Order Cycle

You will have to wait for your next quarter as the dealer has used up build allocations.

2. Requested For Extras

Some extra requirements meet the process faster than others, mostly if it’s complicated.

3. Orders Before You

Your production slot depends on the part of different vehicles that are made on the same product line.

Sometimes the manufacturers shut down their factory because of summer holidays, which obviously will take time for the car to get built and eventually affect the delivery process.

Production And Quality Check

The actual work for building a car takes up to 48 hours and the most time it takes is for the paintwork to dry.

Once your car gets built, it gets subjected to a quality inspection. 

It gets checked from top to bottom to see whether it is working fine or not so that the car is taken to the port of exit.  This step is important in How long does it take to buy a car.

Transit To Port Of Exit

delivery car process

The delivery time will depend on the location of the factory. 

If your car is being built in Europe, then it will take weeks if everything goes to plan. Cars that are built in America and Asia will take more time to get delivered to you.

For example, let’s take the Volkswagen Beetle; it is built in Mexico and just to ship it to the UK takes three weeks or more.

Your car can get stuck at the port, yes it is possible as well.

All cars are placed in specific orders, as per the orders.

So if your car is behind thousands and thousands of cars, it is impossible to bring it to the front of the queue.

This mainly happens in the year March and September because these months are the peak time for the motor industry as the new plates arrive.

Pre-Delivery Inspection And Paperwork

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Once your car has been shipped to the UK, you will have to go through a pre-delivery inspection.

After pre-delivery inspection, the delivery is confirmed. It doesn’t work the other way around. Your finance agreement has to be signed correctly for the delivery of your car.

The agreement is submitted to the finance company; then, from there, it is processed, checked, and verified as required.

But yes, if you pay for your car in cash, you won’t be needed to do all this. Once all the paperwork is in order, your car is going to be released to the distribution company.

They will then offer you the first delivery date, which also depends on the driver’s availability.

You can check out how old do you have to be to test drive a car

The Delivery 

The dealership will be given your car from the docks by the distribution company. The day when you are confirmed by the dealer about your delivery date will be the day all your stages have been covered.

However, the time starting to form the pre-delivery inspections to the time it is going to be delivered finally can vary a bit.

It might take three days to two weeks.

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we have covered all the ways in how long it takes to buy a car. There are processes to build the car, and the options you want in your car can take up time. Good things always take time.

You cannot get impatient during the process because it’s not an item you ordered from Amazon; it’s a car you are talking about.

Hassling the dealership is not nice. Be patient, and you will get your dream car soon.

Leave a comment down below in the comment section. And let us know if we have missed something in How long does it take to buy a car.

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