7 Benefits Of Getting A Federal Government Job In Nigeria


Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa. Not only is it the most populous nation in the continent, but it is also the biggest economy in the region. Known as the “Giant of Africa,” Nigeria is currently the 31st largest economy in the world and is ranked as an emerging market by the World Bank. Oil and gas are one of the country’s biggest industries.

However, even though there are jobs in the private sector, the country’s people prefer to be employed by the federal government. There are numerous reasons for this, but the most important are job stability and financial security. And that’s not all. Federal government employees get a lot of other perks that many jobs in the country don’t offer.

Checkout Seven Prime Advantages Of Getting A Federal Government Job In Nigeria

Government Job In Nigeria

Here are some of the reasons for getting a federal government job in Nigeria:

1. Financial Stability

Federal government jobs in Nigeria are amongst the highest paying ones in all of the country. In fact, careful estimates show that a typical employee of the federal government can make well over 1 million nairas a year. The amount can be higher depending on the position and department that an individual is employed in.

If these numbers have got you curious, you can look at the highest paying government jobs in Nigeria that professionals can apply for. These lucrative pay scales are one of the primary reasons to get a government job in the country.

2. Job Security

Few privately held companies can offer the level of job security that a government position does. And this is true for most countries in the world, not just Nigeria. For this nation in particular, the extent of job security in the federal government is much greater than any other privately owned corporation. These days, in particular, due to the global economic slowdown, job security in the private sector is relatively low.

Numerous private companies are known to be one-man operations, which means that the owner’s interests are the only ones that matter. Employees in the private sector have a nearly three-fold greater chance of losing their jobs than those in the public sector. Federal government employees in Nigeria, though, enjoy job security and growth because the administrative roles that they are in continue to hold value, and changing governments don’t impact them.

3. Ability to avail various schemes

Many private companies don’t offer lucrative incentives to employees, including medical, health, and educational plans. They are just paid salaries that are also, at times, not adequate enough for individuals to pay for these expenses out of their own pockets. Since government jobs offer these benefits in addition to salaries, they are more favorable for citizens of the country.

The government in Nigeria continuously announces various subsidies and schemes for citizens. However, for its employees, there are always certain beneficial schemes in place that cut their expenses significantly. This allows more savings and the ability to spend that money elsewhere, providing a better life for families and loved ones.

4. Paid vacations

Most private businesses in Nigeria don’t follow vacation standards that are a norm elsewhere in the world. They tend to extend workdays to six days a week and also rarely care about public holidays, let alone paid vacation days. Working in a privately owned firm in Nigeria can really take its toll on most individuals due to the strenuous work conditions.

Of course, not all private organizations are like this, but enough of them are. On the contrary, government departments are more careful about the way they treat their employees. Workers in the federal administration get paid vacation days, and they have public holidays to spend with their families and various other perks when taking time off work for any reason.

5. Training and workshops

Working at an organization is not always about earning money and getting paid vacations. For most employees these days, it is about much more than that. The focus of a majority of the modern workforce is on professional development and upskilling so that they can become better versions of themselves at work.

While a lot of private companies in Nigeria provide their employees with training and workshops, they don’t do it as government departments do. The federal government in Nigeria has a robust program for training employees where they allow them to develop their professional capacities in a way that can help them move up the ladder. Also, there is an internal merit program that provides direct access to other opportunities that open up within the government.

6. Stability and growth

Following on from the last point, federal government employees have much more stable growth and placements. Private companies are primarily concerned with generating revenues and making a profit. This means that when the economic conditions are unfavorable, organizations can resort to layoffs so that they can cut down on expenses and continue operations.

Since revenue is not a primary concern in government organizations, employees are much more stable and secure in the job that they hold. Unless there is a drastic overhaul, privatization, or severe recession, mass layoffs are not a common occurrence in government departments. Naturally, then, individuals in Nigeria prefer government jobs over private sector ones.

7. Benefits in retirement

When working for a private organization, individuals only get paid while they are working. While some companies offer certain saving funds where a certain amount is deducted from the employee’s payroll to go toward a lumpsum payment when they retire, not all private companies offer this. Moreover, there is little that they do for the employee post-retirement.

However, that is not the case with government organizations. There is a pension fund that is allocated to each government employee that pays a monthly income after they retire, and it continues for as long as they are alive. Government employees also have the option to retire earlier than those working in the private sector while still being able to receive a pension from their administrative job.


Federal government jobs in Nigeria are a complete package when it comes to professional life. This is the reason why many employees prefer to find employment with almost any department that falls under the purview of the federal government. Besides job security and stability, there are the benefits of lucrative pay, training for professional development, retirement benefits, facilitation schemes for health as well as education, and paid vacations for employees to live a comfortable and stress-free life.

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