Top 10 Best Traveling Jobs You Should Know

Top 10 Best Traveling Jobs

We are almost reaching the mid of 2023, and thank god the Pandemic is not keeping us at home all the time. This calls for an opportunity to go out on adventure and travel. But we also have to pay our bills. So no travel, since the job won’t allow it.

But what if you can kill two birds with one stone? Yes, there are many traveling jobs that let you earn while also keeping your luggage and rucksack packed up. Seems Unbelieve? It should not. There are some quite enjoyable traveling jobs that let you enjoy your work while also letting you travel and make money.

The good news for you is that I have some fun travel jobs listed in this article. Go and check them out if you are looking for one.

Best Traveling Jobs In 2023

Here are some jobs that require you to travel across the world. If you want to develop a career that offers this opportunity, go through this article.

1. Freelance Photographer

Freelance Photographer

This one is for the nomads and the ones never bound by the shackles of a 9 to 5 job. Freela nice photographers are self-employed and have plenty of flexibility in work. Their work usually requires them to do lots of traveling.

There are different types of photographers based on their subjects. Portrait photographers, nature photographers, or commercial photographers. They can sell those photographs to the stock photography sites or to the clients they are working with.

  • Freelance photographers earn an average minimum of $20000 per year.

2. Actors


It would be great if you could land an opportunity to work in Hollywood. But there are many small and big acting gigs awaiting you around the country, even the world. You can work for a different TV, radio channels, or animation. This also includes voice acting. Acting is one of the travel jobs that might require you to pack your luggage every month. You may have to move to a new city or state or go abroad as an actor.

3. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

If you want traveling jobs that require you to travel to historical places or national parks, then become a tour guide instead. This is where your historical expertise comes in handy. As a tour guide, you will be working with different travel agencies and traveling with people from different places. Communication skill is an essential aspect of landing a job as a tour guide.

As a tour guide, you will earn a yearly salary of $35000 per year. This is an average salary, but it may vary depending on your experience.

4. English Teacher Jobs

Another traveling job you can opt for is the profession of an English teacher. English is a global language and is used and accepted in different parts of the world. That is why skilled teachers are required to help students willing to learn English as their second or third language.

Teachers develop curriculums that help students develop their English, writing, speaking, and reading skills. This job might require you to do lots of travel to another country.

  • On average English teachers usually earn around $30000 per year.

5. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Not all traveling jobs are connected to the travel industry. But some are, and the role of a flight attendant is one of them. The role of flight attendant offers you a stable career, a heavy paycheck, and the opportunity to travel.

You need to be skilled in customer service, patience, and good communication skill to become a flight attendant. There are plenty of airlines across the world. All you have to do is find the one that helps you fulfill your objective, which is traveling while working.

  • As a flight attendant, you can earn a salary of $41000 per year.

6. Travel Agent 

Travel Agent

Another good traveling job for you is the role of a travel agent. As a travel agent, you will help people plan their travel for both vacation and professional travel. However, this will require you to have massive knowledge about different destinations and the best time and price for scheduling a trip. You might also be skilled in using travel planning software.

  • As a travel agent, you can earn a steady and good salary of $44000 per year.

7. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

As a travel blogger, you will share your experience of traveling across the world or in different cities or states. However, you will need enough experience in writing, copywriting, social media management, web design, and SEO. Bloggers can work from anywhere, and they can also travel around a lot. It is also freelance work, so you will enjoy lots of flexibility at work.

  • As a travel blog, you will earn more than $47000 per year.

8. Cruise Ship Employee

Cruise Ship Employee

If your heart yearns for the sea, then you can choose the traveling job of a sailor. There are lots of cruise ships that employ ship crews in different roles. You can work as a bartender, cook, or maintenance. While working, you can visit different countries on the ship.

  • Cruise ship employees have varying levels of salaries. It can range between $48000 to $79000.

9. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is currently a very sought-after career. If you want to employ yourself in traveling jobs, try being an influencer. Influencers sometimes get paid by the brands for traveling to different countries and places. There they can make content for the brands and promote their brands.

  • Social media influencers can earn roughly $50000.

10. Archaeologist 


If you are a history student and looking for traveling jobs, then you can opt for the role of an archeologist. These professionals understand the development of different civilizations and the history of humans on earth. They work to examine different cultures, languages, artifacts, and more. They have to move around and visit different countries for their job.

  • As an archaeologist, you can earn an annual salary of $58000.

Final Words

There are more than ten traveling jobs in the world. You can opt for more different roles such as chef, web developer, interpreter or translator, truck driver, civil engineer, SEO specialist, etc. But, if you are looking for only the jobs best suited for travel, then try out the ones listed in this article.

Please let me know if this article is helpful. But, if there are additional questions you need me to answer, you can leave them in the comment box as well.

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