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Php App Development

Did you know that almost 79.2% of websites tend to rely upon the PHP language to some degree? Well, that’s true. After all, a large number of people tend to prefer this alternative in comparison to the other options available in the market.

But why has php app development become so popular in recent years? Is there something you really need to know about it? Will it be the future of the field of website creation?

In this article, I have explained the basics of PHP language and how it works elaborately. And you may also find the answer to the questions I have jotted down before.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with it.

What Is PHP?

PHP, in essence, is a simple yet engaging open-source scripting language that is primarily used to create new web applications. Previously, the acronym, PHP, referred to ‘Personal Home Page.’ However, later, it was changed to ‘Hypertext Preprocessor.’

Honestly, the likelihood of hearing that name again is quite low. So, I’ll keep it at that.

When it comes to usage, most people consider PHP as a scripting language. It’s usually interpreted by some other program at runtime without the need for compilation. The result of the same is sent to a dedicated web browser as plain HTML-based code.

PHP is an open-source tool and, therefore, is available for free. Also, the language utilizes its memory, which, in turn, can lower the server workload and boost the performance of a website or anything else created by the same. It can also be 382% faster than Python.

Where Is It Used?

As I’ve said before, PHP is usually used for website development. Nonetheless, that’s not why it was created at the beginning.

At first, PHP was employed to develop dynamic web pages. However, periodically, people started using it to build the server side of a web application.

However, as it is a general-purpose language, it may be implemented in other ways too.

For example, if you want, you can build a desktop application through it. And, since the version 5 update, it also proffers object-oriented programming and some other abilities.

Note: Two of the most popular software programs that were created by using PHP are FB (Facebook) and WordPress. The first one is a social media platform, while the second one is a content management system. The latter is used by almost 48% of people who want to have a website and build the same in their own way!

The Benefits Of Using PHP

Logically speaking, PHP is quite flexible, and that’s why most people tend to use the same to create an application or a website. However, that’s not where its benefits end.

There’s more.

  • Like Python, PHP is quite easy to learn as well. However, it’s much more efficient than the former and offers an excellent synergy with the HTML system.
  • With PHP, you can easily get rid of the clunkiness of a website. Thus, the speed of the same will be pretty high. Also, website hosting tends to be quite cheap too.
  • The cloud solutions related to PHP are pretty generous too. You can get a massive number of benefits, such as better space and a higher level of security, with it too.

Furthermore, the compatibility rating of PHP is much higher and more efficient than usual too. It also comes with a large number of open-source add-ons. So, you will get more options for various critical tasks, including database connectivity, too.

Finally, learning about the language will be easy, as there are quite a lot of online manuals and tutorials available too. There’s also an online community working behind the scenes to make the experience much more enjoyable for new learners.

Should You Be Concerned About Something?

PHP is a pretty safe application to work with. So, you don’t really have anything to worry about, as long as you don’t mind the scarcity of dedicated libraries for the same.

Also, I’ve heard that many people have had some security-related issues with the tool. So it might not be up your alley if you are worried about that.

However, I’ve never had such problems with the programming tool. Therefore, I won’t be able to vouch for anything other than saying that I’ve enjoyed working with PHP.

Nonetheless, if you are too unsure about how it might work for you, I’ll ask you to hire a dedicated PHP developer. It’d be a safe and more productive option.

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