6 Key Elements Concerning Design and UI for Social Media Platforms

E-commerce BY mohammadali Jan 01, 2018
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Social media platforms are one of the fastest growing ones across all the websites. There are many elements that are essential for social websites so that they can attract their target website in hordes and keep them on their website for a long time. While established platforms like Facebook don’t necessarily need such design as billions of people use it anyway, it is critical for the new kids on the block.

New and established social platforms look for a web design agency to offer them best assistance in this regard. In this blog, I will try to offer you 6 such essential elements related to design and UI that can make a website of a social media platform look alluring and attract maximum number of eyeballs.

1. Language Accessibility

While English is the language of communication on majority of websites on the Internet, there are many websites which offer content in the local language where they are based. But for a social media looking to attract a worldwide audience, especially a social media platform, it is a basic requirement now. That’s where language accessibility comes into play.

Option for multiple languages can fit the bill, allowing audiences to understand the basic working of the website and how to use it to their advantage. The goal for a website through language accessibility is simply that the intended audience will find a social media website approachable and easy to interact with.

2. Consistency

Design elements of a website and especially UI elements must be used in order to make sure a consistent design is in the offing. If you want to maintain a consistent design for a website it is a simple rule that you can’t change the basic design of home page, for example, ever so often. So obviously for a social media platform, this aspect must be taken care of more seriously.

The look and feel of the home page must remain in shape so that the users should not have to search for their favorite sections or buttons to proceed to another page. In the long run, this feature can make more users remain loyal to the platform and don’t have to lookout for other platforms.

3. Flexibility

A user interface and design should not remainthe same forever and must be changed with the changing times. While you may think that this aspect is in sharp contrast to the above one, it isn’t. For example, Tumblr regularly send alerts via text posts regarding site updates. So when user login to their newly-designed websites, they do see the change but are mentally ready for and doesn’t come as a rude shock for them.

4. Customer Service

The customer support should not be compromised as a resultof new design or UI implemented on a website. The user interface must excel in the area of customer service. So if there is a need for patches to be applied then it must be done in a timely and efficient manner. Harder to find issues must be completed with excellent accuracy so that customers will not have to wait for eternity for the issues to be solved.

5. Up to Date

The design element of a user interface must be updated to get the kind of social interaction for a website. Holding a user’s attention is the best way to do that. Facebook and Twitter, for example, use live hashtags or news blurbs so that the users are able to feel like they are on top in either sharing them or discussing them. For a shareable content too, a user would want to remain on top of the news and trends users find important to read or click.

5. User-Focused

Through a design element, a change should be made for any type of messages like an error message. The user must not get an error message like an error has occurred so that they get the impression that they have done something wrong or there is some problem with their computer. Rather the message should display clearly that they have entered a wrong password, for example, so that users can get to the problem and rectify it at the earliest.

Final Thought

I am sure this blog will open up your eyes for a whole new experience in designing websites for social platforms and its UI. Please provide your valuable feedback in the comments section below so that I can make it even better in the future.

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