What Is An Executed Contract In Real Estate? – Definition, Processes

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executed contract

Purchasing a new real estate property means a pile of paperwork and signing multiple legal documents. In simple words, the executed contract means one legal document which is signed between two or many people. The executed contacts are a legal term where two or many people agree with a service where someone is offering their services to others.

In real estate property dealings, the executed contract is usually signed between the buyers and the sellers which is prepared with assistance of any vancouver real estate lawyer is usually signed between the buyers and the sellers. For better understanding, take a look at the executed contract definition first.

do you know the executed contract definition? For the definition of the real estate executory contract, consider the following part. 

What Is An Executed Contract In Real Estate?

Executed Contract In Real Estate

The real estate executed contrast is documented legal terms where some of them are agreeing with the services. And another party is offering the services to them. Most of the executed contract real estate is described as fully executed contracts when both parties agree with the legal terms and conditions. Also, present their witnesses as proof of their agreements and signed the documents.

Every executed contract has few compulsory fields that both parties have to present as proof of their agreements. The date and the time span should be mentioned in the executed contract. And as proof of their agreements, they have to present a number of witnesses. This is the proper answer to the question related to define the executed contract.

These witness numbers vary from three to five, but the witness present is compulsory. If one of these parties is going to deny the agreements or break the agreement law. The other party has the potential to take the help of the judicial system. When the agreement sign is completed, you can say the property purchase legal works are near completion, and you can address it as a contract executed.

Example Of Executed Contract Vs. Executory Contract

there has a bit difference between executed contract and an executed contract. For example, you are thinking of buying a property. And then you get entered into a contract with the landlord.

When the property will be advertised for sale, you can instantly buy this. So, you make a contract and buy this property in exchange for money. It is executed contract as here you are spending for the instant buy.

Have you learned the executory contract definition? Then get an example then it will be easier to understand. On the other hand, you are looking for a home that you want to buy. And then you contracted with the landlord for this. There you will have an agreement that you have to sign for the real estate. You have to pay suppose 500$ for the lease. In the contract, it will be mentioned.

When you complete the payment then the executory contract will end. However, it will remain active during the time of providing wages for the property. When you are looking for something, you definitely have to focus on it. 

4 Stages Of Executed Contract

stages Executed Contract

The executed contracts have four stages before completion. These stages are going to fulfill all the legal terms. And you are growing the full knowledge related to executed contracts by the end of this article.

So let’s see the four different stages of an executed contract.

1. Contract Status

The executed contract status is a crucial point. You can not address the contract before signing the two parties as to the executed contract. Most of the people are asking about 

What is the difference between executory and executed? The present contract status has the solution to this query.

If two parties agree with the terms and conditions and do not have any obligations, and sign the legal documents, you can address the contract as the executed one.

If one party does not sign the documents and has some obligations related to services or anything. Then this contract is addressed as the executory contract. In some special cases, both parties have some obligation related to the contract.

2. Legal Terms And Condition Of The Contract

The legal terms and conditions are going to solve all types of queries related to the executed contract. Many real estate lawyers and agents are asking about it. Do you have a fully executed sales contract? This question is entirely related to property buying and selling.

In some cases, the buyers and the sellers are fulfilling their expectations. Then they signed the legal contract. But in some cases, both parties have a legal obligation. They do not agree with the terms and conditions of the agreements. They do not sign the agreement documents.

These terms and conditions should be signed by both parties. These legal terms are essential. If any of the parties deny the terms and violate the rule and terms of the agreement. The other party can take the lawful step to prevent it.

3. The Validation Of The Contract

What is the difference between signed and executed? The validated documents are the way to get the document signed. The contract validity is going to fulfill the requirements of buyers and sellers.

The buyers are expecting the ownership of the property, and the sellers want to make some profit out of their property sellings. These are simple requirements. If your legal terms are overlooking these terms. The parties can deny the agreements. And prior to each legal contact, the validation of the submitting documents is required.

Before executing a contract, always ensure the personal requirements of each party and fulfill the demands and validate the submitting documents. Then proceed with the contract.

4. Contract Used By The Real Estate Agents

The standard contact is the executed contract example. Real estate agents mainly use these standard contacts. The best features of the standard contract are, that this contract is customizable. This means you can customize the contacts on the basis of your requirements.

The real estate agents are mostly making the contract on behalf of their customers. Or they are negotiating the terms and conditions between them. The unique needs of the sellers and buyers are getting the maximum attention. And property layers are preparing the documents as per the requirements.

The best features of the standard contract are these contacts are created on the basis of the requirements, and the customizable options are making these unique. If you are going to sell your real estate property, this knowledge will help you fulfill the legal terms.

Wrapping It Up:

Selling and purchasing real estate property is a huge amount of work. But if you particularly understand the buyer’s and seller’s needs, you are going to solve the executed contract puzzle without wasting a single moment.

The legal terms and conditions are always the most critical factors which need to be reviewed multiple times before executing the contract. Do you want to be a real estate agent or want to sell your house without taking help? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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