We are living in the digital era, where internet, web, computers, and smartphones have become the first resources to find the required information. Both domestic and professional users are using these digital resources to execute their needs. Growing involvement of digital technology has made it necessary for internet service providers and website owners to make foolproof security arrangement.  Protection is important for both data owner and users.

Cyber security services work like police and help their clients to protect data, network and computing devices from unauthorized access and hackers’ attacks. They possess expertise and technology to plan and implement security measures to deal threats and bad attempts on data.

Despite becoming a necessity to ensure data protection, certain wrong assumptions are disallowing organizations to hire professional offering cyber security. Here I am discussing and debunking few of the most common myths, everyone should stop believing.

Firewall alone can protect from attacks

Without any doubts; firewalls are created to stop bad attempts and unauthorized access to network and devices connected to the network, they are breakable. Hackers are intelligent and capable to understand the strategies adopted to create these firewalls. They disrupt the code and take advantage of basic level IT mistakes in the system and steal information. You can easily tackle these data breaches with the help of a professional partner.

HTTPS is enough to protect site

Though the mechanism of HHTPS keeps information secured from middleman attacks during transmitting from one source to its destination. When a user is opening a website on his device, HTTPS protect data transfer from server to that browser. This offers minimal level protection and unable to stop tech-savvy hackers seeking to steal information.  It doesn’t stop denial-service attacks. As a result, legitimate users of a site become restricted to access affected the site.

Though HTTP encrypts data during transfer process; it fails to stop hackers from exploiting software vulnerabilities. This doesn’t mean HTTPS is useless, rather it shows the need to implement dedicated security on the system.

Websites running on third-party hosting services don’t need additional security

Although website hosting services like Go Daddy, DreamHost and HostGator implemented purposeful security measures to protect client’s data, monitoring thousands of sites requires a lot of resources and time. It’s the site owner job to take responsibility for data security. Hosting service is only responsible for severing level protection. Despite scanning sever machines and data; a lot of things are left. A poorly written code welcomes hacker to access and damage the site. From adding links to and from the site to set up wrong redirections are few common security concerns. A reliable IT security service can provide you a better coverage.

Independent devices and computers not connected to internet and network can’t be attacked

Reality is entirely different. Not a single computer is hundred percent protected from viral attacks. As computing devices have to install and download software, windows setup and upgraded versions they are at the risk of attack. Viruses can spread via spam emails, infected removable media devices like USB, data drives and Smartphones. A professional cybersecurity consultant can strengthen security and efficiently tackle these security gaps.

Small/medium sized organizations are not on the hit list of hackers

With a huge number of clients and heavy traffic, larger websites are often considered as a hot spot for hackers. Small enterprises are also at the risk of data theft. Company owners should stop believing that smaller websites are safe. As they don’t have resources to fight back bad attempts, they become even easier and tempting target for the attacks like Ransomware, in which attackers hit all computers on the network irrespective of the company size and encrypt user data to earn bitcoins. A professional IT service can efficiently protect computing devices and networks after running windows security updates and software security patches.


Cyber threats exist in computing world. However, such threats can be fixed and tackled efficiently. All you need is to stop believing these common myths and take help from cyber security services.

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