Essential Things To Know About Creating a Church App

Church App

If you’re a church and you haven’t yet created an app, now is the time. There are a lot of reasons apps are becoming increasingly popular and important for churches.

For example, when you create an app for your church you’re providing people the opportunity to gather information about your organization, whether they’re a member already, or they’re searching for new churches that they might like to visit.

Church apps are also beneficial because they give church members and visitors the opportunity to engage with the organization more often and more conveniently, and you can also provide content to them more easily.

The following are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering the creation of the first app for your church.

Increasing Attendance

For a lot of churches, one of the primary goals of creating an app is to boost attendance. The majority of push notifications get opened, so this is one route that you can use to increase attendance. You can use push notifications to invite people to services and events and send simple reminders.

You can also make sure that your push notifications are linked to your event page so people can quickly sign up or share anything they’re interested in.

Improving Engagement

A big thing a lot of churches struggle with is engagement. Probably the number one benefit for developing a church app is often the increased engagement. With a mobile app, you’re putting your church right in front of people on a device they probably use constantly.

You can add things like your digital bulletin, as well as ways for members or interested people to communicate or get in touch with the church.

There are nearly limitless options to get people more engaged with the church and prevent scenarios where people drop out or go elsewhere when you have a well-done app. What’s also great about the app is that it takes away the concept of just being involved with the church on Sundays, and it instead improves visibility and creates a connection going with members all the time.


Another reason to consider an app for your church?

You can share more content easily and efficiently including things that recorded as well as live. You can go back to push notifications to remind people that new content is available for them to view or that an upcoming live event is coming up.

As a final note, while it might not be your primary goal, apps are also excellent tools for streamlining and managing how people give to the church. People want to feel like it’s convenient to give contributions, and by limiting them to only being able to do so while they’re in a service or by writing a check or using cash, you’re discouraging them. If you use your mobile platform as a giving tool, you can increase contributions just based on the fact that it’s easier and right in front of your congregation anytime they feel is right for them.

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