Commercial Moving: 5 Useful Tips

Commercial Moving

Even a simple move to a new apartment within your city is often a complex and stressful event, as many factors must be considered.

In the case of a commercial move, the task becomes even more difficult. In addition to transporting your items, you also need to take care of office supplies, appliances, and furniture, yet create a precise checklist.

Time is one of the most valuable resources in business, so it is necessary to have a perfect plan and use a reliable¬†moving service to avoid any hassles and trouble because it may affect both company’s workflow and employees, as well as your customers.

Let’s look at some essential tips that can come in handy when your business is preparing to move to a new office due to upraising, downsizing, seeking a more attractive location, or other reasons.

Details About Commercial Moving Useful Tips

1. Start Early And Make The Inventory

. Start Early And Make The Inventory

As with any complex task, you should always start preparing in advance, allowing you to better plan the process.

At this stage, the main steps are:

  • Estimate the time frame that the process will take.
  • Take care of employees during the move and inform your clients.
  • Determine the number of items and appliances that need to be packed and transported.
  • Sort all office belongings by priority.

The key to a successful relocation is good organization. Therefore, it is important to start preparations 6-8 weeks before the moving day. In the case of packing, the main aspect is prioritization. Determine which items you can already pack and which of them you may need until the last day at the office. Based on prioritization, start packing step by step.

Also, take care of documents. Get rid of unnecessary papers and digitize all the important ones to reduce the risk of losing them.

2. Use Labels

The best way not to miss anything during the process is to label all items. Once you make inventory, labeling won’t be too difficult.

Some of the main factors you should pay attention to are the purpose of the particular item and the room to which it belongs (workplace, office, kitchen, technical room, etc.).

Labeling makes it easier to track all of your belongings. In addition, it further simplifies the process of unpacking after arriving at a new location because when it comes to relocation with numerous different things, a well-organized plan is crucial.

Besides numbers, it is also convenient to use colors for labeling. Choose a specific color for each of the rooms or based on the item’s purpose. Once complete, write everything down and share your labels with the team. It will make their job more efficient yet help you avoid the risk of losing some of your belongings.

3. Hire A Reliable Company

Choosing a company is another key factor to consider, as the safety of moving and the time required for it depends on the movers’ professional skills and experience.

As with inventory, picking a reliable company to move large equipment in Chicago, IL, is among the top-priority tasks.

Do not hire a company that offers suspiciously low prices because there may often be hidden fees, fake insurance or licenses, etc., so you may end up paying much more.

Also, check the reviews about the companies, or ask the realtor for references. The more information you have, the better.

You can complete the move yourself, but it comes with many risks. Hiring professionals allows you to focus more on the business’s internal tasks. Reliable movers provide insurance coverage for your belongings, so you can avoid possible trouble.

Finally, when looking for movers, pay attention to local companies that work in your city or the area you are going to because they may have better knowledge about the location, which allows you to complete relocation more efficiently.

4. Prepare Packing Supplies

Perhaps the most dreary process in moving is packing. Due to the large number of items that need to be sorted, disassembled, and packed into boxes, such a task can take a lot of time and effort.

That’s why it is recommended to prepare packing materials in advance. Pay attention to what specific belongings you will transport (monitors, computers, printers, cables, furniture, documents, fragile items, etc.) and look for suitable cases to ensure a safe transfer.

You can also hire a company for this task. Some movers may do all the packing for you; other times, you can hire a team to get assistance to speed up the process.

Anyway, packing is one of the main points on the checklist. When planning your relocation, make sure you have an inventory list and enough packing supplies.

5. Use Storage Facilities

Sometimes, you may need to keep some of your belongings in storage, as a commercial move can include several stages.

Besides that, it is possible you don’t need some of the furniture and items from the old office in the new one, but you have not yet decided what to do with them. In such cases, storage makes things much easier, allowing you to focus on other tasks, such as packing and transporting belongings essential to running your business.

You should look for storage in advance. Early booking allows you to reduce rental costs, as well as find the most suitable option in your particular case.

Some companies may offer you their storage facilities for the move. But if your company does not have such a service, you can find available options in warehouses.

Commercial relocation is a multitasking process that can vary for each company. However, there are general rules here that can significantly minimize the risks and guarantee a successful move without hassle.

Work with reliable and trusted movers, and feel free to ask any questions you have to ensure everything will go smoothly and hassle-free!

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