How To Choose The Right Inventory Fulfillment Solutions For Your Business

Inventory Fulfillment

The right inventory fulfillment solution is going to make your business more effective overall.

They can take care of most of the work of getting the product sent out to customers and will hold all of your inventory so you won’t have to worry about having a factory, hiring employees, and doing the other work that you need to satisfy the customers.

It is important that you take the time to find the right inventory fulfillment solution for your business. This will ensure that you are set to go and will not have to chase them down or worry about customers who are not happy with the work you can provide.

Checkout Five Prime Steps To Choose The Right Inventory Fulfillment Solutions 

Some of the things to consider when choosing an inventory fulfillment solution for your business include:

1. The Shipping Speeds    

One of the first things that you should look at is the shipping speed of the fulfillment center. Amazon has sped up the game with their two-day delivery, so if you look at one of the fulfillment centers and they can’t do better than a week or more, your business is going to suffer. You need to make the speed of delivery as quick as possible.

Always ask the fulfillment center how long it takes for the customer to get the product from the time they place the order. A longer delivery time is going to result in your customers choosing someone else, which can harm your business. In fact, as companies begin to deliver faster, anyone who takes longer than the standard will end up out of business.

A good choice is a fulfillment center that is able to keep up with the industry standards at a minimum. You want to look at past customer reviews to make sure that the solution is able to keep up with the promises that they make and that you won’t be left behind. Consider companies who will back up their words with different guarantees so you get stuff in on time.

2. Warehouse Locations

The next thing that you need to look at is the location of the warehouses. Without the warehouses in the right locations, the supply chain can get too complicated and long. This will result in big delays and logistics costs that you should be able to avoid if you chose the right company to help you get all of the work done the right way for your customers.

How fast you can get products to the customer can often depend on how far the item has to travel to get to the customer. It is often best to have a fulfillment center that has many warehouses in different locations, allowing you to ship the product out from the location that is closest to the customer.

Before you choose one company over another, you want to make sure that you know the exact locations of the warehouses. This can seem like a dilemma, but can really save some headaches later on. The more fulfillment centers you are able to find in the right locations, the better choice that company is for helping your business grow.

3. Software And Automation

If you would like to make sure that your business is one that can stay ahead of the competition, you need to work with a fulfillment service that has integrated software and will use automation technology for all of the inventory. This means that the company will automatically send orders when the client purchases something and can keep up with the entire process.

Everything through the fulfillment company should be done in real-time and the integration of this technology with your own platform and that of the third-party fulfillment center is going to help save a ton of time. It should also automatically update your inventory at your warehouse and online so that no one is disappointed that they made a purchase with nothing there.

While this can sound basic, not all of the fulfillment centers out there are able to offer these options to you, at least not in real-time. You need to get the very best when you do anything with a fulfillment center, so do not settle and go with someone who is able to provide it to you. The better the automation and software, the easier it is for you to reach your customers.

4. Transparency And Visibility

If you would like to see your business thrive into the future, then transparency and visibility are going to be vital characteristics of a fulfillment partner. As a customer, you want the process to be simple and you may want to just log into your account and track a parcel at any time. This is what your customers would like to be able to do as well.

This visibility is so important when it comes to building up trust and when your customers trust you, they will continue to work with you. You will be less likely to lose a customer if they are familiar with the process that comes with ordering from you and they know that they can take a look at the progress of the order at any stage along the way.

If there is something negative about the order fulfillment, then the customer is more likely to remember that and may not shop with you again. If you make a promise about when the shipping and all of that should happen, then then it does not happen, then the customer will be disappointed and they may choose to shop with someone else the next time.

5. Find The Right Partner For Your Needs

Find The Right Partner

There are several great inventory fulfillment solutions near you, but you need to find one that you can partner with to get things done. The tips above will help you narrow down your choices and by talking with them and comparing how they do business, you will find a great partner who can help your business scale and grow over time and see lots of success.

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