Bahama Bucks Review: Best Shaved Ice Creams In The USA?

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Bahama Bucks

So, you love ice cream? Do you love shaved ice cones? If you love these frozen items that get you a brain freeze every time you eat them, visit Bahama Bucks.

Starting in the 1990s, this store has become synonymous with shaved ice cones and ice creams in the USA. The stores are famous for their shaved ice cones (Sno Cones) mixed with their own unique flavors.

Learn more about this brand, like its menu, locations, and timings, by reading this post till the end.

Bahama Bucks Menu

If you have a look at the ice-filled Bahama Bucks menu, here’s what you will get:

Signature Sno

Signature Sno

Bahama Bucks signature Sno cones come with a mix of different Bahama Bucks flavors and toppings.

Pup SnoSnowballs mixed with whipped cream (only for dogs)1.19
UnicornBanana, coconut, and strawberry flavors mixed with whipped cream and topped with sprinkles6.48
Strawberries & CremeStrawberry flavor with creme6.48
SnickerdoodleSugar cookie flavor with tropical creme and sprinkled cinnamon sugar6.48
Pina Colada BreezePina colada flavor mixed with tropical creme6.48
Chocolate Covered
Cherry flavor mixed with chocolate creme6.48
Classic CherryCherry flavor mixed with tropic creme6.48
Sour Patch Kids: RedberrySour Patch kids flavor mixed with sour patch sauce and sour sand toppings6.78
Sour Patch Kids: Blue RaspberryBlue raspberry flavor mixed with sour patch sand topics and sour patch sauce6.78
Tigers Blood PiccadillyTiger blood flavor mixed with chamoy, chili salt, chopped pickles, and sour sand toppings7.58
Peach CobblerPeach flavor mixed with vanilla ice cream, tropic creme, and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top7.58
Royal PrincessPrincess flavor mixed with tropic creme and topped with flavored sprinkles6.48
Mouthful Strawberry Delighted CheesecakeStrawberry cheesecake flavor blend with vanilla ice cream and topped with tropical creme.7.58
Tropical Blue CoconutCoconut flavor mixed with tropic creme on top6.48
Birthday PartyBirthday cake flavor mixed with tropic creme and flavored sprinkles on top6.48
Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry flavor mixed with flavourful tropic cake, topped with whipped cream.6.78
Lemonberry WarheadsLemon berry flavor mixed with Warheads sour spray6.48
Shark AttackBerry colada flavor mixed with sour patch sauce6.78
MangonadaMango flavor mixed with chamoy and chili sauce6.48
Nerds RainbowStrawberry flavor mixed with Nerds rainbow candy toppings6.78
Oreo CookieCookies and cream flavor mixed with Orea cookie crumbs, Oreo creme, and Oreo wafers as toppings7.58
Gummy BearGummy bear flavor mixed with gummy bear toppings6.78
Candy CaneCandy cane flavor mixed with flavored sprinkles on top5.29
SantaWhite cherry flavor mixed with whipped cream6.48
Christmas TreeMango berry flavor mixed with sour patch sauce and flavored sprinkles on top6.78
Bomb PopBomp pop cherry, blue raspberry, and cherry flavors mixed with a Bomb Pop Jr topping6.78

Red Bull Infusions

Red Bull Infusions

You can add Red Bull to your shaved ice cones as well. Here’s what you will get:

Berry CrushRed Bull mixed with strawberry and raspberry flavors, along with tropical creme5.99
Citus SwellRed Bull mixed with POG – a mixture of passion fruit, orange, and guava5.99
Tropical WaveRed Bull mixed with Wavebender flavor, tropical creme, and squashed lime juice5.99

Island Smoothie Fruit Blends

Island Smoothie Fruit Blends

Smoothies are essential for all ice cream shops. Here’s what you will get:

Mango Tango Mango fruit and gourmet mango flavor mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59
OasisStrawberry, orange, banana, and coconut flavors mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59
Acai Berry BreezeAcai and berry flavors mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59
Bahama ColadaPineapple and coconut flavors mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59
Mango DragonfruitDragonfruit, mango, and coconut flavors mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59
Strawberry Banana CalypsoStrawberry and banana flavors mixed with Greek vanilla yogurt7.59

Island Smoothie Cream Blends

Island Smoothie Cream Blends

Fruity Smoothies are essential for all ice cream shops. Here’s what you will get:

Coconut KulanaCoconut with vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream7.59
Strawberry BlissStrawberry flavor with strawberry ice cream mixed with strawberry sauce, along with whipped cream and a cherry on top7.59
Oreo CookieCookies and cream flavor topped with Oreo cookie crumbs, Oreo creme, vanilla ice cream, and a cherry on top7.59
KokomooDark chocolate mixed with cola mocha, chocolate sauce, ice cream, garnish with whipped cream and a cherry on toppings.7.59
Strawby FreezeckeStrawberries with cheesecake mixed with vanilla ice cream, along with whipped cream and a cherry on top7.59
WavebenderBananas and pineapples mixed with coconut rum, vanilla ice cream, along with whipped cream and a cherry on top7.59
S’mores SmoothieToasted marshmallows, Graham cracker crumbs, Ghiradelli chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream mixed with Graham cracker crumbs, whipped cream, and a cherry on top7.59

Bahama Sodas

Sodas with shaved ice can be a great combination. Here’s what you will get:

DIY Bahama Soda Choose your own soda flavors and add Gourmet creme on top4.59
Cherry Lime Squeeze Soda mixed with sprite, cherry flavor, and squashed lime juice4.59
Blue Lagoon Soda mixed with sprite and blue coconut flavor4.59
Dr. Paradise Soda mixed with Dr. Pepper, white coconut flavor, with tropic creme on top4.59
Costa ColadaSoda mixed with sprite, pina colada flavor, and topped with tropical creme4.59
Caribbean Cola Soda with coca-cola and vanilla flavor, and topped with tropical creme4.59


These specials are not available on all outlets. Definitely get them if you can:

Acai Bowl Acai mixed with strawberries, bananas, granola, coconut flakes, and honey on top11.99
Frozen Hot Koko Frozen hot chocolate7.59

Bahama Bucks Locations And Timings

Bahama Bucks hours depends on the shops. However, the most common timings are:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Sunday: Closed or 10 am to 10 pm (depends on store).

When it comes to locations, Bahama Bucks have outlets in hundreds of locations all across the USA. These retail outlets all have drive-throughs and are located in all major cities.

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Bahama Bucks Reviews: What Customers Have To Say?

Since I haven’t been to Bahama Bucks near me in the USA, I have had a look at customer reviews. Here are some reviews I checked out on Yelp.

Here’s a positive 5-star review by Shannah:

review 4

Here’s a negative 1-star review by Connor:

review 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Shaved ice cream lovers have several queries regarding Bahama Bucks. Here’s my answer to some of these questions.

Q1. Is Bahama Bucks Only In Texas?

Ans: No, the stores of this brand are not only in Texas. This company has more than a hundred stores scattered all over the USA.

Q2. What is Free Sno Day At Bahama Bucks?

Ans: 6th December is a self-declared Free Sno Day by Bahama Bucks. On this day, all customers will get a free sno cone with self-selected flavors.

Q3. Who Is The Owner Of Bahama Bucks?

Ans: Blake Buchanan is the founder and current CEO of Bahama Bucks. Other key people include Kippi Buchanan (Blake’s wife) as the COO and Eric Lee as the CFO.

Q4. Does Bahama Bucks Offer Military Discount?

Ans: Yes, these stores offer one free cone to military personnel on Mondays (known as the Military Monday Offer). To redeem this offer, you are required to show valid military IDs at the reception.

Final Verdict: Are Bahama Bucks Shaved Ice Cones Worth It?

Yes, Bahama Bucks shaved ice cones are worth it. They give loads of shaved ice (like a mountain peak) mixed with various sweet and tangy flavors. They offer great promotional offers from time to time (like Free Sno Day) and an assortment of unique flavors. However, their customer service and the experiences of drive-through have been mixed so far. 

If you have been to this place, please share your experiences in the comments below!

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