Actalent Review: Is It Legit?


Actalent is an engineering service-providing company established in the year 1983. Previously known as Aerotek, the primary focus of the company was in the aerospace and defense industries. With operations set up in the USA and India, this company has been a leading force in the engineering industry for the last two decades.

Since they provide various job opportunities, read this post to learn more.

What Services Does Actalent Provide?

Actalent Aerotek provides various services across the aeronautics and scientific research industries. Some of the primary services they provide to their global clients are:

1. Engineering Services

Actalent has pushed engineering services as its primary function. According to the company, engineering services are one of the few ways to develop most industries. Without advancements in technology to enhance the infrastructure of various industries, the modern business world would’ve been pretty different.

Engineering Services

Therefore, to make your business goals come to fruition, Actalent services you with infrastructure development plans and IP protection. They will deliver projects to you on tier and then continually focus on making them better. Some of their primary engineering service offerings are:

  • Product Innovation: In order to develop new products to meet your business goals, this company offers a wide range of developmental services. Their team of skilled engineers is expert at creating agile and scalable development life cycles for products your business needs. This involves all the way from defining product concepts to making your manufacturing units ready for production.
  • Product Optimization: To maximize the efficacy and market performance of your existing products, this firm optimizes your products to make them better. This involves specifying your product designs, optimizing production to make it cheaper, and testing them through iterative analysis for improvement.
  • Engineering Change Management: Since market trends constantly change, Actalent specializes in modifying products to adjust to these trends. The engineers assess the market to document all necessary updates to your products. To reduce design and inventory errors and reduce production delays, the development team will streamline all processes for you.
  • Manufacturing Maturity Assessment: If you think your products are the most important, then you should assess your manufacturing processes as well. To integrate modern technology into your manufacturing processes, this company will collect your production data for evaluation. Based on this assessment, the company will help in upgrading your manufacturing processes to mature them.

2. Clinical Services

Actalent provides clinical services to meet your business needs to patients. Here, the company analyzes your business and makes plans to improve your products and services without engineering processes.

Clinical services by this company involve making your processes more cost-efficient. This will ensure that your medical and clinical services reach patients in a timely manner. But what services does this form provide exactly?

Clinical Services

Here, the firm invests in optimizing processes and the use of advanced analytics to automate them in the best way. This will optimize costs and quality to help save lives faster. Additionally, this optimization will help in reducing potential risks to your business through flexible scaling of operations.

3. Laboratory Services

To meet the demands of customers on a global scale, your business needs to upgrade its R&D department. This is where Actalent helps in improving your research processes. This company analyzes the market to develop the best products for you to serve your customers.

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, you need to upgrade your R&D processes to make them more efficient. This includes the use of AI to automate repetitive processes and make them flexible through effective management.

Laboratory Services

Such services will be beneficial for you to progress your product life cycle and make it more sustainable. Research methods will be constantly monitored to optimize them and improve them for the best results.

Actalent Provide Services To Which Industries?

Actalent provides its services to various industries. They are as follows:

1. Consumer Products

Consumer markets are the fastest changing markets. Here, the company will analyze market trends and help you explore new avenues of growth and expand your product catalog. Therefore, you can say the services of this company will help you stay ahead of your competition.

2. Energy And Utilities

Energy and utility services and products help ruin the world. So why not take advantage of such services provided by this company to provide unhindered energy to consumers? Actalent will help you modernize your energy grid to make it more efficient and cost-effective.

3. Heavy Equipment

Factories need machinery and other technology of various sizes to deliver the best products and services to customers. Therefore, this company will creatively help your business to take advantage of new technology to optimize your manufacturing units better.

4. Industrial Products

Designing and developing products and services to best suit your business requirements is what this company does best. Therefore, to improve the production process for your industrial products, you can gain insights into how to do so.

5. Medical Device

Hospitals and clinics require access to the best machinery possible to provide the best care possible to patients constantly. Therefore, this company will help in designing medical technology for you so that you can save more lives.

6. Pharmaceutical And Biotech

In the same vein as creating new machines to care for patients, new medicines will also do the same. However, with so many pharmaceutical firms in the industry, Actalent will help you create the best medicines to cure diseases and optimize production and delivery processes.

7. Transportation

Transporting your products from one place to another requires fast methods of transportation. With their courier and transportation services, you can now run your business faster and also make customers happier as well.

Actalent Reviews

Here’s what a former Actalent Electrical Engineer has to say about the company:

You’re a CAD monkey as soon as you Actalent login. You get no training beyond what your coworkers (very generously) agree to give you.

However, the coworkers are kind, and there are almost no politics of any kind. You’ll never be micromanaged. You’ll barely be managed. The pay is low because you’ll be underutilized the whole time. No one stays longer than a year. No one leaves angry. They just realize, hey, this place has nothing for me after the first six months.

If you have a look at Actalent Glassdoor Reviews, here are some pros and cons I observed about the company:

➡ Growing company
➡ Generous coworkers
➡ Sustainable salaries and wages
➡ Effective management
➡ Very fewer self-improvement opportunities
➡ Poor work-life balance
➡ Increments and promotions are not good enough
➡ Negoligible employee benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People interested in knowing more about Actalent have asked several questions on the internet. The answers to some of these questions are:

Q1. How Long Has Actalent Been Around?

Actalent was previously known as Aerotek. It was established in the year 1983. Therefore, it will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023.

Q2. Who Is The CEO Of Actalent?

Chad Koele is the current CEO and President of the company Actalent. He has been an employee of the company since 1993, previously serving in various positions in the organization.

Q3. What Type Of Company Is Actalent?

Actalent is a service-providing company. It falls in the engineering and science industry. It provides its services to other aeronautics companies.

Final Verdict: Is Actalent Legit?

Yes, Actalent is a legit company. This company provides various services to firms in various industries like energy utilities, transportation, aerospace, defense, pharma, and more. According to employee reviews, it’s also a great place to work since it’s a fast-growing company.

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