Apex Focus Group Review: Is It Legit?

Apex Focus Group

If you have significant expertise in a field of research where you would like to contribute to, then participating in Apex Focus Group research can be a great deal-breaker. This organization conducts various surveys on a wide range of market groups from which you can choose from.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a focus group participant, then read this review of the organization till the end.

Market Research Services

Market Research Services

There are various market research services conducted by Apex Focus Group. They are:

1. Focus Groups

Apex Focus Group over 1,000 legitimate focus group opportunities for you to participate in. In addition, virtually every market research firm in the US is also connected with them.

2. Clinical Trials

This organization helps connect people with clinical research studies that offer treatments under development.

3. Paid Survey Panels

You can tell Apex Focus Group what you think about the products you use every day or even try new ones before they hit store shelves!

Clinical Trial Studies

Apex Focus Groups conduct a lot of clinical trials to test out new medicines and treatment procedures. In addition to getting medications, you will also get financial help as well. Here are some of the diseases whose clinical trials are underway at Apex Focus Groups.

Clinical Trial Studies

1. Depression

Depression is one of the worst mental disorders and a state of life that’s often left undiagnosed. In this century, more and more youngsters are suffering from this disease. There can be many reasons why this is happening. It can be due to stress from studies, professional lives, family expectations, and failure to meet unrealistic social standards.

Therefore, if you know someone who probably is suffering from depression, have them take part in clinical studies. They will be provided with medical care, along with financial support of up to $1,000.

2. Autism

Autism, also known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a pretty common condition. In the USA, around 2.5% of all children suffer from autism. Some of the early symptoms of autism include repetitive behavior, inability to communicate fluently, and many more. If you have someone suffering from ASD, you can make them a part of Apex Focus Group clinical trials.

3. Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s is a pretty common form of dementia where your brain cells start shrinking and dying. It leads to significant memory loss, inability to communicate fluently, and irrational behavior. Therefore, you can get them treated through medical trials here at Apex Focus Group.

4. Migraine

Migraine has become so common in people that everyone knows about it, and experiences this headache in their lives. Since its cause is still unknown, various medical research is still underway. Take part in these clinical trials and maybe you will help find the cure! In addition, you might be paid up to $825 as well!

5. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a pretty deadly disease that has no cure once it starts aggravating. Often leading to complete paralysis and other problems as well, this is a pretty serious disease requiring more clinical trials. Take part in it if you qualify!

6. Narcolepsy

If you think you are unable to sit straight at day time and feel very drowsy, then you might be suffering from narcolepsy. This is a major disorder that makes people suffering from it suddenly fall asleep at any time of the day. Take part in such clinical trials now if you are narcoleptic!

7. Endometriosis

Endometriosis can be a serious condition for many women. Here, tissue from your uterus starts developing in other pelvic areas. If you or someone you know suffers from such conditions, then contact Apex Focus Group immediately!

8. Eczema

If you have itchy and patchy skin in your body, then it’s a sign that you are suffering from Atopic Dermatitis. Get help from Apex Focus Group clinical trials and get the best aid possible!

How To Join Up As An Apex Focus Group Participant?

If you or someone you know about various diseases and disorders mentioned above, or is studying them, then joining an Apex Focus Group can be a great idea. Joining these clinical trials and taking part in over-the-phone interviews can benefit society as a whole – along with you.

Join Up As An Apex Focus Group

Therefore, if you wish to participate in their clinical trials, then here are the qualifications and experiences you must have.

Participant Requirements

Apex Focus Group Inc requires participants in the following topics:

  • Effects of cell phone usage
  • Fast food consumption
  • Children disorders
  • Effects of accessible entertainment
  • Sports
  • Automobile usage research
  • Electronics usage
  • Interaction with pets

Responsibilities Of The Participants

As a participant, you have to uphold some responsibilities. They are:

  • Be early to the discussion by at least 10 minutes.
  • Complete all written and oral requirements prior to joining.
  • Finish all prerequisite surveys.
  • Must use all products and services before discussing them.

Participant Qualifications

To become a participant, you need to have these:

  • Own a smartphone or laptop with a camera/webcam.
  • Actually interested in participating.
  • Have a good internet connection.
  • You should be literate.
  • You must have a high school diploma.

Benefits For Participation

Participants will receive various benefits, like:

  • Flexibility to participate in offline or online discussions.
  • You can do this part-time or full-time (your earnings can vary accordingly).
  • Provide feedback on free samples.
  • Use and review new products and services in their developmental phases.

Apex Focus Group Reviews: What Participants Have To Say

The best way to judge the legitimacy of an organization is to check up on their employee and customer reviews. Most of the reviews that I’ve seen in review websites like TrustPilot have mostly been negative.

Here’ a 1-star negative in TrustPilot:


Here’s another 1-star negative review in TrustPilot:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Interested participants have various questions regarding Apex Focus Groups and other focus groups in general. Here are my answers:

Q1. How Much Do Focus Groups Usually Pay?

Ans: Most focus groups will pay you anywhere between $30 to $150 for each session. Alternatively, they can pay you for each hour as well!

Q2. Are Paid Focus Groups Worth It?

Ans: Yes, paid focus groups are with effort. This is because it’s a comparatively easier job since you only have to discuss your research with others – and get paid too!

Q3. What’s It Like Working For Apex Focus Group?

Ans: Most people have liked their participation in Apex Focus Groups. They liked the atmosphere, and the focus of research is being conducted here. However, many participants have also called this group to be a scam.

Final Thoughts: Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

After seeing their operations and their user reviews, Apex Focus Group is not legit.

While the organization claims you will be able to earn quite some money by participating in their focus group activities. However, in reality, they pay really less. In addition, most participants have called-out this organization for being scammers.

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