5 tips to consider before outsourcing your business process

Small Business BY David Oct 10, 2018
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The evolution of technology has contributed immensely towards the popularity of outsourcing and its impact on small businesses. It allows startups to access the global pool of talent and get competitive pricing. Many companies are still doubtful about how outsourcing can impact their customer service due to the myth surrounding the outsourcing practice. Some people say outsourcing is detrimental to their ventures and believe that its statement doesn’t care about their clients. While outsourcing can’t solve all problems crippling your enterprise, it helps in the appropriate allocation of resources and can increase the efficiency of your customer service. Below are some of the things to consider before outsourcing business processes.

Calculated Risk:

While there are benefits of outsourced business services, many organizations often view outsourcing as a risky option. The risk can be huge if a business outsources all its business practices because you have little control over what is happening to your business, and this can be disastrous. Instead, companies should view outsourced processes as a well-calculated risk that offers them an opportunity to work with an innovative third party to research their market and generate the highest results. For example, a designer can outsource technology that allows them to design on their mobile devices and use 3D technology to print it. Outsourced mobile apps can help complete a project within a few weeks instead of the usual months that traditional techniques would take. Such innovative and fast turnaround technologies can allow a designer to test the waters with innovative designs that can set their standard higher above the competitors.

Business Reputation:

The reputation of a business can make it live or die, and in the age of social media, potential customers scrutinize each product or service they offer under the microscope. As such, every business has to maintain the highest possible standards, especially for its outsourced services. One of the grave mistakes that companies often make is to outsource their services or processes without considering their reputation. For example, customers are likely to give up on your services or product when they realize an in-house representative doesn’t represent your brand. Outsourced services can sometimes cause a disconnect between an enterprise and its target audience, and this can result in a costly backlash. While outsourcing can free up capital, the cost of rebuilding business reputation can be more expensive than the initial savings.

Cost Efficiency:

Of course, businesses outsource services to lower expenditure on operational and labor costs, increase profit margin, and improve their bottom line. However, leaving the wrong processes in the hands of a third party puts the cost-efficiency of offshore services into question. Offshoring services such as payroll management allow a company to free up capital that they can invest elsewhere and eliminate the need to hire in-house accounts managers. While businesses are free to outsource any service, critical processes and services should remain at the heart of the company. For example, a top search engine such as Google can’t outsource algorithms from a third party for fear of losing its competitive advantage. The rule applies to all other businesses irrespective of their size.

Collaboration and Communication:

Over time, the popularity of agile development continues to grow, and continuous collaboration and communication always remain at the heart of every company. As such, any company that wishes to outsource some of its processes and services from a third party should put this in mind. For example, it can be difficult for a Brisbane based company that has ventured into the UK market to manage its daily iterations due to time differences. While hours can overlap in some circumstances, time for communication can seem rushed and limited during some working days. That can impact the quality of your services or products and result in unnecessary lead times. No company should underestimate cultural differences, and instead, business owners should work harder to transcend cultural barriers up-front. However, time zone differences don’t strain communication when outsourcing onshore, and projects can remain on track even if time differences minimizes daily iterations. Multinational companies often take advantage of onshore outsourcing and use an external team that can’t drain their resources to utilize rapid and low-cost innovations.


Like a startup, even established businesses aim to innovate and advance their services and products. The cornerstone of the development strategies of established firms is to invest capital in disruptive innovation. Outsourced services such as software development allow an enterprise to breed the best result, and it makes the team in charge of the existing processes or services to think outside the box. Such innovations can be lucrative if they become successful. Disruptive innovation allows a business to research and identify new markets and rise to become the industry leader. If a company fails to outsource its services, the competitors will, so it’s critical to outsource services such as innovation. Companies need to be cautious though because a wrong third party can cause growth and development set back and result in missed opportunities. As such, businesses need agile partners like TCGen for product development that can work closely with them and adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Overseas isn’t always the Best:

The American culture and knowledge of the English language may not be a factor in all projects. You can outsource services such as bookkeeping, web design, or PHP work from any country. However, companies need to be vigilant with projects that involve editing or writing. While that same Chinese company you hired for coding services might offer content writing, you’re likely not to get the quality you want. The content might be grammatically correct, but it might not meet the standards, so be willing to spend more on outsourced communication services. Outsourcing is a critical element of today’s modern businesses and viewing it as an unnecessary risk leaves a company at risk of becoming obsolete. Failing to think out of the box can be a mistake that can take companies ages to bounce back from, and they are likely to be less efficient if they’re in charge of all their operations.

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