Are You Choosing the Right International Import and Export Companies?

Small Business BY Joel Mar 03, 2018

There are always two parties in any sales process, the buyer, and the seller. Both would be looking at how to get the best out of the sales process. Whether you are a buyer or seller, the top priority is getting items delivered at the right time to the right place.

What to know :

Checking on track records and networking is the initial bit. There are several other things you should look for before you choose one out of numerous international import-export companies.

  • A comprehensive check of the companies checking is important and it should include checking their licenses. If the company is not government approved and does not have a proper work permit you are in trouble. The correct papers will ensure hassle-free delivery of your item to its destination. It will keep you safe from fraud companies.
  • If you don’t have the time or you are not confident about how to do a background check, your best choice is an agency that will help select out of the available international import-export companies. They are authorities in this field and will render proper help.
  • Selecting a company that deals with a particular item is ideal. They are most likely to have a good network of sellers who work with that item, reducing chances of two-timing.
  • Do not ignore companies because of their size. Very often small companies are very efficient at delivering goods internationally. Unlike large companies, they do not make use of third-party help and thus are more answerable for their work.
  • The bigger companies are at times a better choice because their period in business has been long and they have won goodwill. Small losses or setbacks do not affect them.
  • Take into consideration feedback of the services of various international import-export companies before you zero in on one.
  • All these companies work according to international treaties. Do references check their data to avoid getting held up at checkpoints.
  • Companies that are government certified are the best choice as the government is responsible for any loss that occurs.

If you are Selling :

  • If you are selling goods you ought to be aware of your responsibilities to deliver goods to their destination and you can do your business in a cost-effective manner by assessing companies and getting the best rates.
  • When you are delivering goods to a particular destination in a country, ensure that you are aware of what is happening there and what the rules are. This will give you proper control over your business.
  • Ensure that the services of the international import-export companies you are using have offices in a country that does have complications.
  • Remember that if you decide to choose in the “Freight on Board” method your responsibility is limited to delivering the goods at the port from where it is taken and leaves you with no control over time and cost.

If you are A Buyer :

  • To you as a buyer “FOB” would indicate that you will make the contract with the international import-export companies and will have control over expenses and delivery to the warehouse.
  • Just like the seller, a buyer too should choose a company that is familiar with the set up of the country where goods are to be delivered. They should have their agents too to make your work convenient.
  • The document that confirms that the goods have been shipped with your chosen company may be sent to or written in favor of the transport agent at your destination. Retrieving this from them can be a costly affair.

What You Can Do :

The logistics of importing and exporting can be rather confusing. Keeping track of a few things might make it easier.

  • You need to make sure that you have tied up with international import-export companies who ensure quick and efficient delivery from the storehouse to your client’s door.
  • Work with industry experts who will help control the costs and handle your requirements from your doorway.
  • Check whether the company prioritizes handling of your freight.
  • Companies which understand your needs and work to suit them are the best choice.

Whether you are choosing the services of an international import-export company as a buyer or a seller you have to be very careful about whom you are choosing. You are in a business and you would not want to lose out on your business and this is a competitive world.

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