5 myths about car maintenance debunked in Botswana


Japan is well-known for their reliable vehicles all over the world. The Japanese automakers not only produce amazing autos, but also make them available to people at different budgets. Considerably, Botswana love their cars and other vehicles so much that are ready to pay a huge amount. It is so because the cars are easy to be driven on the congested roads and require less maintenance due to high mechanism.

A lot of sources reported that there won’t be any other country that just dominates the business of auto industry like no one’s business. There are many cities that also offer a lot of public transports except Gaborone. Apart from minibuses and taxis, there have been Bostwana Railways that used to be the last form of public transport. Now, there are multiple options for shared private cars that are increasing due to the growing ratio of second-hand cars availability. This opportunity has only been possible because of the affordability and sometime the selling price as little as $1000 from import Japanese cars in Botswana.

Since these vehicles commute publicly, they eventually require sufficient maintenance to keep going every time. A lot of automotive mechanics provide assistance in this regard, but you must beware of following common misconceptions and myths to escape from getting charged for unnecessary services.

1. Oil change should be scheduled after ever 5000km:

It is a common myth that the oil change after every 5000 km is a necessary for vehicle. These days, different cars have different interval periods for getting their oil change, for instance, Japanese and Korean made cars have intervals of 10000 km while German made cars have intervals of 15000 km.

As a matter of fact, if you keep on changing the oil of your car, it won’t do any good to its engine. So it is advisable to be savvy and get your vehicle’s oil changed as per needed, or on the suggestion of particular vehicle’s manufacturer.

2. Tires may be inflated to the PSI shown on the sidewalls:

In today’s world, ever automotive service provider is aware of the fact that PSI is actually the figure that shows the maximum pressure a vehicle may hold safely, so there is no need to recommend a so-called ideal PSI.  It could potentially be something very dangerous because the failure of tires may cause car crashes.

Thus, always look for an advisor who may offer you information regarding pressure that will optimize your car for handling, breaking, mileage, and the comfort written on is interiors.

3. Washing cars with Detergent is a good idea:

However car wash with detergents have been quite a common DIY for quite a time, we advise you not to go for it. It is a very bad idea because not merely your car’s wax finish gets destroyed but also, damages the paint too. Whenever you are going to consult your car service adviser, refuse to go with this risky habit of him (if any). Make sure to get your vehicle cleaned with the professional car-wash liquid. No matter if it is hefty on your pocket, it may save you a fortune in long run.

4. Batteries are completely charged after a Jump-Start:

Vehicles behave differently in different seasons. Particularly, the cars’ batteries take a little longer in winter or cold temperature to get charged fully – it is one of the biggest myths. After a jump start, they eventually take a substantial amount of time no matter what. Even though in warm weather, it takes long to get a battery up to full charge.

Since there are a lot of accessories like music systems drain the power of your vehicle, there are still some charges available on vehicle’s alternator for a battery recharge after jump-start of the vehicle.

5. Premium-Quality Fuel is Much Better than the Regular One:

It looks a little spontaneous that using premium quality oil is much better for a vehicle’s performance. No oil can do such wonders than like this one. However, these specs of oil has nothing to do with the performance of your vehicle.

Premium fuel is something that is all-in-all designed for the high-compression engines. So, if your automotive service provider is suggesting you the premium quality oil, he must be saving you from a big damage in future.


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