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Own A Used Vehicle? 5 Tips You Should Know For Keeping It in Shape

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It’s pretty great to own a vehicle and enjoy the liberty of traveling wherever and on whatever time you like. Certainly, you don’t want to get into those travel difficulties while you commute. Therefore your vehicle needs to stay good in shape, keeping you away from hassle-free journeys, and carry on taking the maximum advantage of owning a used vehicle.

Just as you keep yourself fit and strong, and maintain your overall health for doing better in life. Your car also needs proper care to perform well on the roads, especially when they have already covered a few thousands of miles. So, instead of regretting later on not keeping it in a maintained condition, it’s wise to keep your car in shape and preventing minor issues before they become bigger.

Here are the five tips you definitely need to know when you are especially owning a second-hand vehicle:

1. Follow the Owner’s Manual:

Though it sounds pretty simple following the user’s manual for keeping your car maintained, but is the first and foremost thing you can do. It won’t be wrong to say that there is none better than the manufacturer who knows your vehicle best.

Car manufacturers know what problems drivers regularly face when their vehicles are on different mileage. Guides regarding vehicle fluids, battery and taking actions on warning lights are usually provided in the owner’s manual. So it’s best to go through the manual when you first get your hands on the vehicle. Though it might look a pretty simple tip, it’s quite true that a lot of people don’t read and follow these manuals, and end up paying a high amount of money in the repair and maintenance of their vehicles.

2. Understand What Your Car Is Indicating:


Nobody is expecting you to be an expert in knowledge regarding cars but there are a few things that you must understand which your car is trying to indicate.

A metal grinding sound when you are applying brakes, and the vehicle getting delays in starting every morning is an indicator you should know. The annoying sound when you are applying brakes is telling you that the condition of your vehicle’s brake pad is not good. Its most probably time to change them, or they at least require servicing. While the delays in the vehicle not getting starting at the first self, tell that your battery condition is going down. It’s either time to replace it, or it requires servicing by a car electrician.

The signs, noise or shake from your car is a sign that something is wrong somewhere in your vehicle. Understanding these problem alerts and taking action on time is very crucial to avoid any sort of troubles when you are on the roads, and eventually avoiding a major breakdown.

3. Check what’s going under the Hood:

Your car’s engine and other parts in the bonnet are most important to keep an eye on. The engine oil, air filter, radiator coolant, fan belt etc. all are all important and must be inspected whether they are at recommended levels, and either in a good condition or not.

It’s pretty easy to check the oil level of different parts through the dipsticks. Similarly, air filters could be easily detached and changed without any professional help.

Doing these small maintenance doesn’t need you to be an expert, and in case you aren’t sure about certain things, you always have a user’s manual available for you to consult.

4. Get a Professionals Appointment:

Despite taking care of your vehicle every day, just like you take care of yourself. You still need to take your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic who will perform a thorough inspection. This is quite similar to when you pass across a certain age, and through a few medical tests just to check whether you are doing fine or not.

Likewise, your used vehicle needs to go through under a thorough checkup to have a look at its overall condition, and whether some components need a good service or even a replacement. All you need is to take an appointment from a good mechanic who will be checking your vehicle and can easily spot out any minor problems before they escalate into a major one.

5. Keep It Clean and Drive Safely:

A clean car simply keeps you away from many troubles. So keep it clean by giving it a regular wash and periodically get them serviced. Moreover, practice good driving habits and avoid driving rough. This will help to keep them maintained for many years to come and automatically assist in extending their life.


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Richard Shaw has over 15 years of experience in Japan auction cars. He loves his vehicle and keeps a constant eye on its maintenance, meanwhile assisting others to do the same through his online blogs.

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