Spotify Receiptify: How To Get Receipt Of Spotify Music?

It was inspired by an Instagram handle called @Albumreceipts, where popular album lists are shared in retail shop receipt format.

Receiptify is not limited to Spotify

To get Spotify receipts using Receiptify, users need to log in with their Spotify account on the Receiptify website and choose parameters like genre, artists, or tracks to generate the receipt.

The Receiptify playlist receipt includes genuine data from Spotify

Other fun websites using Spotify data include Judge My Spotify, which uses AI to make fun of users' music taste, Obscurity, which rates the obscurity of music taste, and Stats For Spotify, which tracks users' activities on Spotify.

MusicTaste.Space allows users to share and compare their music taste with others

Quickly highlights the best parts of songs to help users discover new songs to add to their playlist.