Is the Chime Credit Builder Card Worth It?

Chime Credit Builder Card is a product aimed at improving credit scores and building credit history from scratch.

It is unique because Chime is not a traditional bank but a fintech company that contracts with financial institutions like Stride Bank for issuing the credit cards.

Chime Credit Builder Card collaborates with Visa, making it widely accepted wherever Visa cards are taken.

Chime Credit Builder Card uses the money deposited in the user's Chime checking account

To use the Chime Credit Builder Card, users need to open a Chime checking account and select "Credit Builder" as an option.

The money transferred to the Chime Credit Builder Card becomes the credit limit, and users can use it like any other credit card.

There are no fees for the Chime banking account, and users need to meet simple eligibility criteria like receiving a direct deposit of at least $200 within the last year