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Finance BY Sumona Jan 01, 2022

One thing with gold coins is that they have a unique intrigue that makes even noncollectors appreciate their artistic nature and beauty. These coins have a rich history and extreme beauty that makes them worth it.

1. $20 liberty type, double eagle gold coin

The gold American eagle coin is well known worldwide as it is an ideal expression of the American spirit based on Augustus Saint-Gudens’ popular design.

It depicts a lady of liberty walking in front of the sun on the obverse and the American bald eagle with its head on the reverse, nesting or standing depending on the coin’s year or size. Gold American eagle is one of the iconic US gold coins with unparalleled recognition.

2. $5 gold half eagle

The 1883 proof caped bust $5 gold half eagle is one of the perfect gold coins you will ever see in the US for a coin that is almost 200years old. The coin’s field features a profound reflective surface, and the devices feature a cameo frosted finish. That comes from the fact that the coin is so well-struck that you can see the tiniest details of the design, which is why it commands a high price.

3. $20 gold double eagle

In 1856, the United States mint only created 2250 gold double eagles at the New Orleans Mint, making the $20 double gold eagle so valuable. Also, the coin is exceptional, featuring a soft and mushy design.

The low striking pressure when minting the coin resulted in low quality, but its field has a reflective surface, and the coin has beautiful details as a whole. It is considered a proof coin as it is evident that the workers at the mint used special processes and extra care to give the coin its unique traits.

4. Indian $10 gold eagle

This coin represents a time in history when gold coins regularly circulated as they were used in commerce. In 1920, the san Francisco mint created 126,500 $10 gold coins for that reason. Today, most of the coins in the market are in extremely fine condition. The coin features flawless surfaces, and its eye appeal is outstanding.

5. $2.50 gold quarter eagle

This coin represents a time in history when the US mint changed the design of the $2.50 quarter eagle coin. It features a bust lady of liberty staring on the left with a heraldic eagle spreading its wings, ready to fly on the reverse. However, the mint did not create gold quarter eagles again until 1821, when the design changed again. Therefore it is a one-year type of coin desired by collectors.

6. $5 gold half eagle

According to records of the united states mint, 57,422 caped bust $5 gold half eagles were produced for general circulation.

But in 1829, the mint produced between 4-8 proof coins for collectors. In the same year, the mint started using a collar in the striking process to ensure uniformity of the diameter of the coins; therefore, half of the coins had a collar and the other half didn’t. The $5 gold half eagle is a well-struck specimen, making it worth its value.

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