Top Trade Show Tips: Using Your Booth as a Beacon to Promote Your Products

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Taking part in a trade show is a tried-and-true way to build brand awareness, network with other businesses related to your industry, and to meet with potential clients or customers. To make the most of this valuable experience, you’ll want to create a booth that not only attracts positive attention but also highlights your products and services in a manner that markets them best. In order to create a successful booth and to effectively promote your company or organization, be sure to employ the following tips.

Generous Staffing

A booth that appears lonely might remain so. Experts suggest that companies staff their trade show booths with several employees who can engage with multiple attendees at once. In theory, a booth that appears to be busy is apt to attract interest from other attendees. Some companies will go so far as to encourage some of the staffers to dress like attendees in order to make their booth appear popular. In any case, by ensuring that your booth is well staffed, your company will be able to meet and talk to more people, which is apt to result in more qualified leads.

Create Interactive Experiences

A passive booth might look great, but a booth that provides its visitors with an experience is likely to create a more memorable event for participants. If you have product samples or can create some type of interactive activity, visitors are sure to take note. Several decades ago, Pepsi created one of the best-known interactive marketing campaigns with its Pepsi Challenge event where participants were tasked to sip from two non-descript cups to see if they could pick the cup with Pepsi. Such a simple experiment became one of the most legendary interactive marketing experiences.

Decorative Touch

It’s important to give serious consideration to the appearance of your trade show booth. Naturally, you want to outfit your booth in a manner that supports your brand. A simple way to do this is to use your brand colors and create professional banners that boldly showcase your company logo. Of course, this is simply a basic tactic that all of your competitors are likely to do as well. To ramp up your booth’s eye-catching appeal, you might outfit it with large imagery or even showcase a large screen to present a video of your products or services. From lighting features to branded imagery, your booth’s eye-catching display is sure to draw interest from the crowd.

Be Accessible

When creating your booth, consider presenting in a manner that draws visitors in. By sitting down behind a table, you may be presenting a less-inviting setting than you mean to. You may decide to arrange your tables or display in a manner that draws visitors into your booth. Your booth host can play an effective role by standing outside of the booth rather than sitting within it. Your host can help engage trade shows attendees by making eye contact with people that pass by and offering to shake hands and invite conversation.

Give Something Away

It’s commonplace for companies to give something away at trade shows, but not all giveaways are created equal. It’s ideal to give something away that reflects your brand but is also functional. For example, Dynamic Gift Canada features a wide array of marketing products that companies can give away at their trade show exhibit. Promotional products like travel coffee mugs and tote bags are apt to make a big impact on trade show attendees. Dynamic Gift Canada also offers printed tablecloths to enhance your booth’s appearance.

Digital Design

Most businesses that currently showcase at trade shows and don’t employ technology are planning to do so in the near future. Adopting digital technology can bring your booth into the 21st century and impress trade show attendees. Keep in mind that there are some downsides to relying on digital in a trade show environment. For example, Wifi could go down or other technical difficulties could ensue. If you choose to employ digital technology as part of your display, be sure you have a reliable plan, especially if the technology fails.

Techniques like using interesting lighting schemes and bright and bold color plans can certainly help draw trade show attendees to your booth. By taking the time to plan your booth design, you can transform it into the beacon your business needs to create interest for your brand and your offerings. Your booth can work for you in a myriad of ways, so take care to create a setting that markets your business effectively.

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