How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool


Enrolling your kid in Singapore preschools is a significant milestone that needs proper preparation. Most parents experience a mix of emotions when their child begins this new phase of life.

Leaving them to venture out into a new world without your support may make you feel anxious. On the other hand, you may be excited about the fun, new friends, independence, confidence, and skills your kids will gain in school. 

Your little one may also feel apprehensive, sad, or excited as they transition to this new phase. Physically and psychologically preparing your kid to join Singapore preschool will help them focus on the fun.

 Keep reading to find out how you need to prepare your child for this critical phase of life.

Visit the School to Give Your Kid a Sneak peek

It’s vital to visit your preferred preschool beforehand while it’s in session to enable your kid to explore the school environment and get familiarized with the school before they start attending. 

A pre-visit will also make them feel more confident when they finally start school because they’ll know what to expect, how things work, and what makes them feel more comfortable. On top of that, they’ll get an excellent chance to get acquainted with the teachers, staff, and their potential classmates.

The most ideal times to visit are early mornings or late afternoons. During these times, kids are likely to be playing, drawing, and engaging in other age-appropriate activities. 

From there, you’ll get a real sense of how your child will spend most of their time at school. You’ll also determine if the teachers are handling the students appropriately and if there’s a good balance between outdoor play and indoor learning. 

If all your checkboxes tick, you won’t have to worry about your child while they’re at school, and you’ll be able to focus more on other activities.

Research How to Manage Separation Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for kids to be anxious when they separate from their parents during the first days of school.

 They may cry, cling to them, or refuse to go. If your child exhibits these signs, try to go over the basics of separation anxiety and prepare them for what will happen. If they’re still upset about separation even after you’ve had a conversation about it, don’t push them into school. 

You will find many faculty of the best international schools in Singapore would suggest it’s better to give them a few more days to get acquainted with being away from you. During this period, explain how a typical school day looks, so they know what to expect.

Assure them that you’ll drop them off at school and return to pick them up when classes end. You can also ask the teacher to allow you to accompany your child during lunchtime or other activities to enable them to feel your presence. After a couple of days, they’ll find it easier to adjust to the school setting, even without you being around.

Create Strict Morning and Bedtime Schedules

Create Strict Morning and Bedtime Schedules

Even if your child is a morning person, you’ll have to help them get used to waking up early for school. Go over the morning routine with them, and stick to it. If you set the wake-up time early, they’ll be groggy and grumpy in class, which will make them unhappy. You should also set a strict bedtime schedule for your child so that they become accustomed to going to sleep at the same time every night. 

They’ll need plenty of sleep when they start school to be alert during classes and activities. If your child has trouble waking up in the morning or staying awake in class, you can talk with a professional to help them adjust their sleep schedule.

Furthermore, you should teach them other essential morning routines like making their hair, brushing their teeth, assembling their items, and making their bed. This will keep them organized throughout the day.

Before they sleep, ensure that they say prayers, change into pajamas, give you kisses and hugs, and discuss what transpired during the day with you to help them settle down and have a peaceful night’s rest.

Equip Your Kid With Self-help Skills

Self-help skills are essential for kids to have. These skills will help them navigate through their day and make it easier to complete tasks. 

You should teach them how to put their socks and shoes on, use the washrooms, wash hands, and use utensils. They should also learn to do basic chores like folding laundry and putting it away.

In addition, they should know how to act and what to say when surrounded by other kids to enable them to get along with others. Well, visit the website to find the best school that gives proper training with behaviors and fundamentals.

You can teach them how to initiate conversations with other kids, say “please” and “thank you,” respond appropriately when someone compliments them or when someone says something mean about their appearance or personality. 

They should also know how to hold a conversation and do small talk and feel comfortable talking to others about their problems. 

Preparing your kid for preschool requires a great deal of patience and planning. These tips will reduce your kids’ worries about attending school and make learning enjoyable.

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