Intermittent Connections And Problems Associated With Them

Intermittent Connections

Internet is quite an important technology taking in regards to not only its significance in the technological world but also how it has impacted our lives. In technological retrospect, the internet has ushered the whole technological scene into a new age.

Back in the day, the technologies that we had in terms of data transmission and storage, long-distance communication, or even simple entertainment activities were mundane, to say the least.

Everything seemed slow, although it was ok according to those times but comparing them with the current day technologies that we have today, it almost feels like it was the stone age a mere two decades ago. If we look closely, the major difference between today and that time is the internet.

Talking about the user’s perspective, the internet has created shockwaves in the consumer industry with a wide range of use cases and extreme flexibility through which it has seamlessly transitioned into every walk of life.

Now the internet is present in every other household, not just in the United States but all across the globe. At the moment, there are almost 4.88 billion users of the internet all across the world.

A major reason behind such widespread usage is that the internet has become quite affordable and easily accessible due to the advancements made in this field from time to time.

Internet Usage Today

Internet Usage Today

Today the internet is being used by regular people for doing work, local and long-distance communication, taking online education, conducting online business activities like E-Commerce, and even for entertainment purposes.

Basically anything and everything that has been done today whether in personal or professional prospect has the internet involved in it in some way, shape, or form. This is the level of importance the internet has in our world today. This means that careful consideration should be put into regarding what kind of internet connection you are buying as a consumer and from what provider because as of today, a lot depends on this simple choice.

If you are looking for a new provider or you want to switch your existing one, we would recommend that you go with a countrywide provider that offers its services in various states because these providers not only have a strong infrastructure of reliable services but also have proven track records based on being present in the industry for years.

One such provider is Cox Communications, that not only promises superior quality of service but a strong network of after-sales services as well.

Cox Customer service is available 24/7 not only for English-speaking customers but also caters to Spanish Speakers as well through Cox en Español Servicio al Cliente. And after-sale services are quite important, especially in the internet business and we’ll get to it in a while.

The benefits of the internet cannot be undermined in any way shape or form. But this is also a fact that it is just a technology, and as with every other type of technology, the internet is also far from perfect.

The most common problems that arise with an internet connection are frequent disconnections. That’s because most high-speed internet transmission is based on physical mediums like cables that are susceptible to damage and external interference.

This is why it is quite necessary to have a provider that can offer quick and efficient customer support to users when any problems arise regarding their internet connection because today even a second of disruption can prove to be quite devastating.

What is an Intermittent Connection?

Intermittent Connection

One problem that is common to almost every type of internet connection is Intermittent Connections. Although it is more common in DSL connections, this problem affects more or less every internet user no matter the type of connection or provider.

In an intermittent connection, your internet stops sending or receiving data at random intervals. It isn’t like a typical disconnection in which you are unable to use the internet completely, however, it is much more frustrating than that.

In an intermittent connection, users don’t even realize that they are disconnected from the internet until their video starts buffering, their game starts lagging, or even worse when they are in the middle of an online exam or important meeting and it just starts disconnecting from the server.

Initially, everything looks fine in an intermittent connection because users can be disconnected from the server for mere seconds and then are reconnected again. So by the time they realize that something is wrong with the internet, it comes back online.

This can be fatal in things where a stable connection is required for real-time activities like the ones mentioned above including video conferencing, online gaming, or downloading any file.

This is because the disconnection of even a millisecond can result in complete disconnection from your game server, or may disrupt your meeting, or even worse it can completely fail the downloading of a large fail that was about to be completed.     

Ways to Fix Intermittent Connections

Fix Intermittent Connections

Since intermittent connections are so sneaky which makes them even more problematic than having no internet at all. Intermittent connections occur due to poor infrastructure or issues at switching hubs in DSL connections, so the best solution to counter them is to switch from a DSL provider to either cable or fiber internet since they are quite stable mediums.

We do understand that it might not be possible for everyone because of many reasons that can include either monetary issues or coverage areas, so for such consumers, we have devised some possible fixes that anyone facing intermittent connections can try.

1. Check Modems Routers

Resetting or reinstalling the firmware of your modem and router can sometimes help fix intermittent connection

2. Check your Telephone for Background Noise

Static noise in your phone line can indicate any interference that the cables might be having with other equipment which can be a cause for intermittent connections. 

3. Examine Cables

Damaged cables and extensions can also be a reason behind intermittent connections. Examine all the cables carefully for visible damage and it is better to replace the cabling and use fewer extensions for a smooth connection.


When we talk about problems associated with the internet there are a lot of aspects that are discussed. However, the intermittent connection is a topic that is often ignored which is unfortunate because not only it is a serious problem, but also quite difficult to detect compared to other internet issues. This is why we have written this article to not only shed light on these problems but also provide some solutions regarding how they can be fixed. 


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