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Insurance BY Arnab Apr 04, 2023

An accident, especially in a business setting, can happen anytime, any day. So, as the owner of the organization, it becomes a part of your job to get insurance for your company.

This, in turn, can help you with the following –

  • Save your money, time, and stress
  • Protect your company and its members from damages and settlements
  • Offer crucial benefits to all of your employees

However, when talking about business insurance, there are five things that come to mind. So, that’s what we are going to address here through this article. Let’s begin, then.

Types Of Business Insurances

Types Of Business Insurances

As mentioned before, there are five different types of business insurance available out there. And each of them can be used for specific purposes and proceedings.

Keep reading to know more about them.

1: GLI or General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance, as the name suggests, is all about protecting your company when it’s being considered liable for the following –

  • Damage to someone else’s belonging (could include something that they’ve purchased from you, even though they are still in your store)
  • Personal injuries, such as slander or libel, that have been inflicted or caused by you
  • Bodily damage or injury to someone that has been caused by your product or you

Almost any company that is currently working directly with customers will require proper General Liability Coverage. It can be issued by almost any organization out there.

2: Commercial Property Insurance

Do you have a physical store or a commercial property that you’ve been using to operate your business? In that case, it becomes important for you to get Commercial Property Insurance. It can help you protect any building you’ve rented or the equipment you’re using properly.

However, before you get on with it, there’s something you need to know.

This type of insurance will not cover damage from any natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a flood. In that case, you’ll have to get another policy, like Commercial Flood Insurance. It will help you get some sort of protection against a natural disaster.

3: Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is all about offering benefits to your employees when they get hurt while on the job. These can be beneficial in –

  • Paying their medical bills
  • Replacing whatever wage they have lost due to missing work
  • Paying for any kind of ongoing care, such as physical therapy
  • Covering funeral expenses, especially if they have lost their lives
  • Taking care of the family members of the person who has lost their life

Most states, especially in the United States of America, require a business to carry a Worker’s Compensation Insurance before getting established. And if you don’t have something as such, you might face fines, criminal charges, and penalties.

4: Data Breach Insurance

If you have lost a lot of money and information due to a data breach, you might be able to get well-compensated with this one. Due to this reason, it’s also known as cyber insurance.

Data Breach Insurance can aid in paying the following expenses –

  • Notify all of the individuals who have been impacted due to this loss
  • Create a proper public relations campaign to let everyone know about the fiasco
  • Integrate a proper identity theft monitoring service within your infrastructure

Applying for Data Breach Insurance can be difficult. So, it might be better to do research on it a little before taking a step forward.

5: Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance can protect you from any kind of automobile-related problem. No matter what it’s associated with – whether it’s property damage or vehicle issue.

Furthermore, Commercial Auto Insurance will also provide money to the person who has been affected or injured by your car. So, it’s a must for a logistics business.

How To Get Connected With The Right Insurance Company?

Connected With The Right Insurance Company

Getting connected with a small business is pretty easy. Just do a bit of research, get their mail, and ask them whatever you want to know.

But before you do that, here are a few other things that you need to keep in mind –

  • Verify Your Application Information: Many small businesses change their business name and even address as they grow. This can cause unnecessary delays for insurance companies as they review your application and attempt to verify your history. Some insurance companies are using providers to work around these issues in near real-time, while others unfortunately force the application down a slow manual path as they review your history.
  • Check Their Background: The insurance company that you’re thinking about opting for should be squeaky clean, both from the business and legal viewpoint. If you find a thing or two that has gone against them, it might be best to stay away from them.
  • Research on Their Legal Team: No matter what type of insurance they are offering, the company should have the backing of a decent legal team. This way, you can fight against someone who’s trying to tarnish your reputation without any issues.
  • Check Their Quotes and Deals: The quotes offered by an insurance company will always vary depending on the type of insurance you are going for. So, it might be best if you did some more research and compared the deals of various providers.
  • Talk to Them: If you’ve liked an organization, make sure to have a conversation with them. This way, you can ask for suggestions regarding the deals you can go for or any other issue you’re having trouble with. The clearer your idea is, the better.
  • Purchase the Insurance Package: Once you have fixated on an organization, we will ask you to consider purchasing from them. It might take you a while before you might find it, but waiting will be worth it. After all, they’ll take care of your business!

Get Insured Today!

Yes, the heading might sound too cliched and pretentious at the beginning. But, if you want to save your business at any cost, it might be better to get insurance today. We have already explained how you can find a suitable option and get connected with them here.

But, if you are still having some sort of trouble with finding an option, make sure to talk to an individual whom you know personally. They’ll surely help you out!

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