How Marketing Experts Use Language To Attract Consumers Globally

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Have you heard the popular statement that Joe Chernov quoted, “Good marketing makes the company look smart? Great marketing makes the customer feel smart”?

Great marketing campaigns can also showcase products and services in various languages to attract the global market.

Do you know how that is achieved? Professional translation service agencies, also known as LSPs, play a significant role in curating campaigns and social media posts that can hit the right audience using the language they speak and understand.

Why Do You Need To Market Your Goods In Different Languages? 

We live in a competitive, globalized world where every business is looking for tactics to grab the attention of its consumers and increase its customer base and, as a result, – revenue. Research by CSA shows that consumers in practically all markets around the world are more likely to purchase goods & services if the information is available to them in their native language, with an astonishing 40% of respondents saying that they ‘will not buy anything from websites not available to them in their language’.

What Do Translation Experts Say?

Translation Experts

According to TS24, which is a leading translation agency in London and one of the highest-rated UK LSPs in 2023, the outlook on the importance of professional translations is changing rapidly across all business sectors and industries. Today, the ‘one-fits-all’ approach, popular even a few years ago, is already outdated, and consumers expect to be approached directly in their native language and with a message that shows a deeper understanding of their culture.

One of the common marketing aspects that most experts ignore is the language barrier

Here is an example. Suppose you want to launch a product in China, but instead of promoting it in Chinese or Mandarin, you advertise it in English. In that case, your product won’t achieve acceptance by its target audience as expected.

Why? China has a population of 1.4 billion, and only 6% of them speak English. The rest and a vast majority of people speak Chinese and may find it hard to relate to an English advert or campaign. This may make it hard for people to give your product sufficient attention.

Marketing in local or different languages gives you more benefits than you can imagine. This strategy helps you gain a competitive edge over your competitors, allowing you to enjoy sales. Moreover, it can help your business grow at a fast rate and improves your reputation and brand awareness.

The correct language can help you increase your consumer base. According to recent statistics, there are 25.9% of English internet users, followed by Chinese at 19.4% and Spanish at 7.9%. So, if your marketing strategy focuses on all these languages, the chances of attracting more audiences increase manifolds.

In addition, the language you use reflects your credibility. Therefore, when you use multiple languages to entertain your specific audience, you build trust between them and your brand. This helps you gain new customers and retain the old ones for as long as you want.

Luckily, translation services in the marketing industry go above and beyond just changing the content language. They also help in transforming the image and character of your company.

There are many ways in which incorporating the right language in your marketing strategy can help you attract customers and elevate your sales. Many expert marketers practice this, and you can do it too.

Campaigns For Multicultural Communities

Your marketing team can take help from marketing translation services to curate campaigns to launch your products and services for multicultural communities. This is what most marketing experts do to target their specific audience and save money from being wasted on culturally insensitive and confusing marketing adverts.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your potential consumers’ hobbies, needs, and interests. These factors go hand-in-hand with using the right language to make your audience understand your vision.

Whether you opt for billboards or TV adverts to run a campaign, ensure you share the message in the language of your customers and viewers. This way, they would understand the “Call to Action” and take their next steps accordingly.

Localise Social Media And Web Content

Have you ever visited a website with two or more language options to choose from? This is a tremendous cost-saving technique while catering to a multicultural community.

Making a website language-friendly increases your online traffic, leading to more conversions and sales. More and more people start relating to your content and products, advancing their interest in your services. Fortunately, several Content Management Software (CMS) systems, such as Drupal or WordPress, support multilingual content creation – we’ve covered this more extensively here.

The same applies to social media. A social media campaign promoted in different languages is bound to gain the attention of people with roots from other parts of the world.

You can create different copies of one campaign in multiple languages rather than curating a separate marketing strategy for all. Again, this cost-effective approach helps you speak to the audience in the language they love and prefer.

Marketing Research In Different Languages

Marketing Research In Different Languages

You can’t successfully promote a product or service until you have conducted market research. Moreover, when you perform this research in the language of your audience, the insights gained are pretty accurate, updated, and precise.

With the help of translation services in the marketing industry, you can carry out translation market research to connect with people who speak languages other than English.

Holding Events In Different Languages

You might be wrong if you thought marketing was only limited to online campaigns. Meeting people face-to-face and promoting your product is also a popular way to

increase your audience. For that, many companies arrange events and advertise their offerings to let people gain awareness.

However, to deliver a message efficiently, language plays a significant role. Instead of conducting the whole show in English, you can seek help from marketing interpreting services and have linguists interpret every word for your multicultural and diverse audience.

This is a great way to keep your potential and existing customers engaged throughout the events and benefit your sales.

Inability To Respond To Unexpected Events

Marketing agencies use AI to enhance digital marketing efforts and improve campaign effectiveness. AI is employed for personalization, predictive analytics, chatbots, content generation, audience segmentation, social media monitoring, programmatic advertising, A/B testing, sentiment analysis, customer journey mapping, and SEO optimization. By leveraging AI, agencies gain insights, optimize campaigns, and deliver better customer experiences for improved results.

Final Words

Do you know that almost 56% of companies succeed when their marketing and sales goals align? So, if you want to be among them, follow what the experts do and take language as a driver of success.

If you plan to sell your products to a global market, ensure that your marketing campaign also helps to support the goal. With the help of the best marketing translation services, you can curate campaigns and social media posts in various languages, grabbing the audience’s attention and spreading your brand’s message efficiently.

Here’s wishing you all the best for your business’s success.

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