Will Tesla Ever Make The Electric Car Affordable?

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Tesla has revolutionized the electric car industry with its popular lineup of models and it’s no secret that electric cars are becoming increasingly popular.

However, there is one major obstacle in the way of their widespread adoption: cost. With prices starting at around $35,000 and extending upwards of $100,000, electric cars are still too expensive for many people to consider purchasing.

Let’s take a close look at what it would take to make Tesla’s electric cars more accessible.

The Cost Of Owning A Tesla

Tesla cars are expensive—there’s no getting around that and their price tag is out of reach for many consumers, especially those in developing countries where the cost of living is much lower than in the United States or Europe.

The more luxurious models, like the Model S and X, are even more expensive with prices starting at about $80,000 and going all the way up to $150,000 or more for top-of-the-line vehicles.

It should be noted, however, that the company has been steadily releasing cheaper models over the years. For example, its latest model (the Model 3) starts at just under $40,000—a significant reduction from its earlier models, which could cost well over $100,000.

Incentives And Tax Credits

One of the ways that Tesla has tried to make their cars more accessible is by offering incentives and tax credits to buyers. In some countries, like Norway, buyers can get up to 50% off the purchase price of a new Tesla while in other countries like Canada, there are federal and provincial incentives that can reduce the cost of ownership significantly.

In addition, many states in the U.S., such as California offer state tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles which can also help offset some of the upfront costs associated with buying a new Tesla car.

Tesla Warranties

Tesla Warranties

Tesla also offers an impressive array of warranties on their vehicles ranging from 4-year/50K miles on batteries and drive units to 8-year/infinite miles on powertrain components.

These warranties give customers peace of mind when it comes to owning an electric vehicle since they know that if anything goes wrong they can rely on Tesla’s team of experts to fix it quickly and efficiently without having to worry about high repair bills.

This helps encourage people who may be hesitant about making such a large purchase since they know they will have some protection against unforeseen problems down the line.

Overall, it looks like Tesla is taking steps to make electric cars more affordable for everyone—and they seem to be working! By offering reduced prices on new models and long-term warranties on existing ones, as well as taking advantage of government incentives for EV owners, it looks like electric cars may soon become accessible to even more people in the near future.

Next-Gen Electric Car Of Tesla For Half Price

Electric Car Of Tesla

Elon musk announced that the Tesla engineering team is turning its focus on the next generations of electric car platforms a half price. This next-generation electric car of Tesla will be available at half the price of the model 3/Y platform.

For the last few years, Tesla has been taking care of making a cheaper quality electric vehicle. But that cost is also far beyond the reach of the general people. According to the 2022 musk statements, they are not focusing on developing a cheaper quality model in 2022 as their developing team is focused on the optimum robots and ramping up models.

In the 2022 conferences, Elon Musk confirmed that the engineering power is developing the next-generation EV platforms, which will go to enable cheaper electric cars. Maybe the prices of the EV vehicle will be less in comparison to the 2022 prices. But the fact is it will always be more than the regular vehicles.

Wrapping Up:

Only time will tell if Tesla can make good on its promise and truly make electric vehicles accessible to everyone who wants one! But if you want to do something for saving the environment then using these EV vehicles is the best thing you can do. The price ranges will be always in the higher ranges in comparison to the other types of vehicles in the market. What is your opinion? You can share your opinion through the comment section.

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