Who Do I Need To Instruct To Sell My Tenanted Property?

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Tenanted Property

Selling a property that is currently occupied by tenants can be a complex process.

You may have various questions and concerns about finding the right buyer and ensuring a smooth transition for both the tenants and yourself as the property owner.

In this article, we will discuss who you need to instruct to sell your tenanted property and provide insights into a potential solution that can simplify the process.

Finding The Right Buyer For Your Tenanted Property:

Right Buyer For Your Tenanted Property

When selling a tenanted property, it is essential to find a buyer who is open to the idea of purchasing a property with existing tenants. While some buyers may prefer vacant properties, there are investors and individuals who specifically look for properties with reliable tenants in place.

Here are a few key parties you may consider instructing to sell your tenanted property:

1. Real Estate Agents:

Engaging the services of a reputable real estate agent experienced in dealing with rental properties can be beneficial. They can help market your property effectively, reach out to potential buyers who are interested in purchasing tenanted properties, and negotiate on your behalf.

2. Property Management Companies:

If you have employed a property management company to handle your tenanted property, they can play a crucial role in the sales process. They have valuable knowledge about the property and existing tenants and can assist with advertising the property to their network of investors or potential buyers.

3. Auction Houses:

Selling your tenanted property through an auction can be an alternative approach. Auction houses attract investors and buyers looking for unique investment opportunities, including tenanted properties. However, it’s important to carefully consider the potential impact on your relationship with the tenants, as an auction sale may create uncertainties for them.

Tips To Sell A Property With Tenants In It:

Selling a tenanted property usually makes economic sense for investors. Figuring out the right time to make a move is important. Hence, here are some tips that will help you sell your tenanted property seamlessly. 

Communicate openly with your tenants

The key to getting success in this domain is to have open communication with your tenants. Additionally, it is significant that you make your tenants aware of this life-altering decision.

A lot of tenants wish to continue living in their “homes.” The only way to make this move without a conflict is to sit with them and make them understand. 

Provide incentives to the Tenants

Owning income that comes from your tenants during the sale period is crucial for every investor as they find a way to offer them some incentives. It makes a huge difference in how clean and tidy they would keep the property while it is out for inspection. 

You might want to take $50 to $100 as weekly rent in return from your tenants and later incentivize them. 

Open home inspections

You might have less control over how well-regulated your property is if it contains tenants. Maximum tenants will ensure that the apartment is tidy and in a reasonable inspection state.

Open communication helps you make your tenants understand the ideal state of any property. They must also know the consequences of failing to do so. It is not necessary that the tenants have to stay out of the property during the inspection. 

Provide the opportunity to get rid of the lease

In case your tenants are not happy with the property, it is better to release them from the tenancy. Even if you miss out on some rental income at the time of the sales process, moving them out might offer you other advantages. 

In case your tenant still lives on the property past its end date, you can opt for Continuing Agreement Tenancy. Don’t forget to ensure that the tenants move out before the date of settlement. 

Hire a cleaning service

A property that is well-presented might have better exposure in front of prospective clients. You cannot rely on your tenants entirely to make your property sale-ready. So, the best decision here will be to hire a professional cleaner. 

First impressions always matter. Thus, spending money on enhancing the looks of your property might really pay off. 

Seek help from professionals

What an adept property agent can do for you, a non-experienced person might not. After all, it is about selling your real estate- which is too big a deal. They can offer you a real-time guide on selling your tenanted property.

Agents are well aware of the market and, consequently, can give you the best opinions. So, when you are out there selling your tented property, don’t forget to seek help from professionals.

Simplifying The Process With Cash Buyers:

One solution that can streamline the sale of your tenanted property is to work with a cash buyer like We Buy Any Home. With their expertise and experience in purchasing properties in various conditions, including tenanted properties, they can simplify the sales process for you.

Here’s how they can help:

  1. Hassle-free Sale: Cash buyers offer a hassle-free selling experience. They will make an offer for your tenanted property in its current condition, eliminating the need for repairs or renovations before the sale.
  2. Buy with Tenants in Place: This company is open to purchasing tenanted properties, which means you don’t have to worry about finding a buyer who is willing to take over the existing tenancy agreements.
  3. Speedy Completion: Cash buyers aim to complete the sale quickly, often within a matter of weeks. This can be particularly advantageous if you’re looking for a fast and efficient transaction.


When it comes to selling a tenanted property, finding the right buyer is crucial. While real estate agents, property management companies, and auction houses can assist in the process, companies like We Buy Any Home offer a simplified and efficient solution.

With their ability to purchase tenanted properties in any condition and complete the sale quickly, they provide a viable option for property owners looking to sell with minimal hassle. Consider exploring different avenues and choose the method that aligns best with your specific circumstances and goals.

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